Sunday, December 26, 2021

Disney Pin Review: Candy Cane Day - Celebrate Today #12 - 2020 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great character to celebrate candy canes
Cons: So distracted by pepperminty goodness I didn’t find any
The Bottom Line:
Celebrating treats
With a December mint theme
Great end to series

A Peppermint Ending to the Celebrate Today Series

Disney closed out their Celebrate Today pin series with a tasty finale and brought a new holiday to my attention.  Like I needed an excuse to enjoy Candy Canes, but if you are looking for a reason to indulge, you’ll love this pin.

You see, in December, we are celebrating Candy Cane Day, which is December 26th.  Which means that you should save at least one candy cane until the day after Christmas to enjoy.  I’m a bit surprised it isn’t on Christmas Day itself, but I guess the founders of the day figured that it would be overshadowed by Christmas.  Plus, it allows us to enjoy peppermint just a little bit longer.

This pin features Jack Skellington.  They could have gone with Mickey dressed up as Santa, but since they have a character already partially associated with the holiday, I’m glad to see them using Jack.  He’s got Santa’s red hat on.  He’s standing next to a large red and white pole with Candy Cane written on it.  Behind him in the snow, we’ve got about half a dozen candy canes.  In the lower right corner is the brass square with the date, December 26.

As I said, I like the fact that they used Jack here, especially since we’ve already had Mickey pop up a couple of times in the series.  Using Jack will make this a more popular entry in the series, but the connection with the holiday is so perfect, they had to.  And I’m glad they highlighted this.  December is all about peppermint for me, so any excuse to indulge another day is most welcome.

Whether you are looking to round out your series of Celebrate Today pins, a fan of Jack Skellington, or a fan of Candy Canes, you’ll be pleased with this pin.

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