Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ornament Review: A Pre-Flight Snack - Once Upon a Christmas #4 - 2014 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great look, fun Magic Cord elements
Cons: I wish the lights on the ornament cycled on and off all the time
The Bottom Line:
Giving Dasher food
Preparation for big trip
Music, lights, and fun

Feeding the Reindeer for Their Big Trip

I’ve been a fan of Hallmark’s Once Upon a Christmas series since it started.  In fact, it was one of the reasons I caved and started buying Magic Cord ornaments at all.  However, this year’s entry, A Pre-Flight Snack, has proved to be surprisingly popular.  In fact, my favorite Hallmark store sold out of it before premier weekend was over, including both of their displays.  Of course, it does have a very appealing look.

All the ornaments in the series feature Santa getting ready for his trip around the world delivering toys.  This year, he’s getting the reindeer ready, too.  The ornament shows him visiting Dasher in his stall in the barn feeding him so he has the energy to make that long flight.  The ornament is a bit on the simple side for this series, but the detail in the brink arching around Dasher's head is pretty amazing.  Plus you really need to take a look at the hinges on the door.

Since this ornament connects to the Magic Cord (sold separately), it features a light and sound show.  The lights are the only thing I’m disappointed with.  As usual, the base of the ornament lights up with green and red, and that is on even when the ornaments are just plugged into power.  However, there is a white light that will shine on Dasher.  It only comes on with any of the ornaments on the string are creating a show.  Same with Santa's lantern.  Honestly, I wish those lights would blink on and off the rest of the time, like all the lights in the rest of the series do.  I like the lights on these ornaments; it’s one reason I buy them.

Anyway, when you press the button on this ornament, it starts the show.  Santa once again has a few lines of dialogue, encouraging Dasher to eat up for their big trip.  This part lasts 12 seconds, and seems shorter than his dialogue in previous years, although that might just be me.  However, overall the sound coming from this ornament lasts just about a minute, the rest filled with a fun orchestra version of "Jingle Bells" (yes, bells are a prominent part of the song, too.  It’s a good rendition of the song, nice and upbeat.

The ornaments in this series have all had nice, flat bases, and the trend continues here.  That’s nice since it means you can display these on a shelf or mantle.  I bet they’d look lovely with some garland between them to help hide the cord.  Of course, the flat base also gives Hallmark plenty of room for the 4 in a Christmas tree series marker on the bottom of the ornament.

Since the ornaments are on the large size, you will want to find a sturdy branch to hang the ornament on.  However, the ornament is balance, so when you hang it, you’ll find it hangs perfectly straight.  And the hook is right above Dasher's sign.

My issue with the light aside, I can see why A Pre-Flight Snack is so popular.  It looks great and Santa with a reindeer is not something that Hallmark does on a regular basis.  The light and sound show just adds to the fun.

And check out the rest of the Once Upon a Christmas series.

Original Price: $29.95


  1. Thanks for another great review. I really like this ornament. I think it's very elegant.

    1. I hadn't thought about elegant, but I can see that. It's definitely a good one.

      I really do like the fact that you are reading my blog so frequently. Makes me smile.