Friday, September 12, 2014

Ornament Review: North Pole Tree Trimmers #2 - Candy Cane Painter - 2014 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute elf getting a candy cane ready
Cons: Tips forward a bit when you hang him
The Bottom Line:
Painting candy stripes
Is this elf’s important job
For festive outcome

So that’s How the Stripes Get on the Candy Cane

We know that Santa makes toys, but he also has a team of elves that help with Christmas decorations.  Well, at least that’s the premise behind the North Pole Tree Trimmers series from Hallmark.  2014 is only the second year for the series, but it’s already proving to be a real winner.

This year, the elf is painting candy canes.  I’d assumed he was painting the real candy canes that Santa would sometimes hang on our tree Christmas Eve, but maybe these are fake decoration candy canes.  Yes, I know I said the elf was painting, but this is Santa and the North Pole.  They could have peppermint paint that is completely edible.  Okay, so maybe my initial idea was wrong, but I like to think it’s right.

Anyway, this elf is holding a candy cane that is bigger than he is.  It’s at an angle, but he’s holding it pretty successfully with just his left hand.  (That hand is in the red stripe he’s just painted, so I hope it is fast trying paint.)  In his right hand, he’s holding a paint brush that has been dipped in red paint.  We can see he’s half way through painting the red stripe up the candy cane since the top half is still white while the bottom half has a red stripe on it.  And let me just say how impressed I am that he is able to get the stripe perfectly angled down the candy cane while holding it like he is.  I know I couldn’t do that.  Like last year’s elf, he’s dressed in mostly green with red boots and pants and a red bottom to his hat.  At his feet, there’s a can of Candy Cane Red paint.  Who knew that was an actual paint color.  (And yes, I know that the can of paint makes it less likely this is real candy.  That was what made me think it might be a purely decorative candy cane.  But I still like the idea that this is real candy better, so there!)

If you look at the elf’s hair sticking out of his hat, you’ll notice it has a certain wave to it.  That’s because, according to the ornament’s sculptor, Tracy Larsen, our little friend this year is an elfish, I mean Elvis, impersonator during evenings, weekends, or whenever anyone needs him for a party.  It’s a fun little bit of trivia to add to this ornament.

Not that the ornament needs it at all.  It’s cute without knowing that added bit of trivia.  The little smile on the elf’s face as he concentrates on his work just seals the deal as far as I am concerned.

The ornament is a little back heavy, so you need to be careful if you go to set it out to be displayed.  If you aren’t careful, this elf will fall over on this back.  Once he’s down, however, he’s fairly solid and it will take a good shake to get him to tip over.

He actually has the opposite problem when you go to hang him – he tips forward ever so slightly.  It is noticeable when you are lifting him off the table, but by the time you get him surrounded by tree branches, you won’t really notice.

Being the second in the series, you’ll find a 2 in a Christmas tree on the bottom of the paint can.

Considering I never would have thought of this job, I’m very curious to see where North Pole Tree Trimmers will go next.  After all, if I think that a Candy Cane Painter is cute, how much will I love the next installment in this promising series?

(And my apologies for the elfish/Elvis impersonator pun.  I blatantly stole it from VeggieTales.)

Be sure to check out the rest of the North Pole Tree Trimmers series.

Original Price: $14.95

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