Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekly TV Thoughts for September 13th

I've been inviting you to play along for a while now, but with the new TV season starting in a couple of weeks, I thought I'd make it official.  I'm going to make Weekly TV Thoughts a weekly event.  My posts will go live on Saturday mornings (hopefully earlier than this one is most weeks).

So what is the idea behind this?  Just post a little bit about what you watched.  It can be simple thoughts about every show you watch or you can go into depth about one show.  Watch hundreds of hours or just a sitcom?  Talk about all or none of it.  Want to rant about a favorite show getting canceled or gush about this great new show you've found.  It all works.

As you can see below, I tend to just leave some random thoughts that probably only make sense if you've watched the show yourself.  But you can do whatever you want.  Just leave your link in the link up below, and I will come visit even if no one else does.  If you don't have a blog of your own, you can leave any thoughts on these or other shows in the comments.

Here are my thoughts on what I watched this week, but again, you can do whatever format you want.

(And no, I don't have a graphic yet.  I'm thinking a thought bubble with a TV inside with Weekly TV Thoughts on the screen, but I have no idea how to even create a graphic.  If anyone can offer some advice on that, I'm all ears.)

I know for me that next week I'll hardly have anything to talk about, but starting the week after that, I'm going to be very busy watching TV.  That's when most shows start up again, so if you won't join for a week or two, that's okay.

Wipeout – Two completely different episodes back to back.  Still, both were enjoyable in their own way.  They did make some of the obstacles harder for the champions, and it also proved my point that if you could practice once or twice, some of those things might be easier.  Look at how many people made it to the last big ball if not all the way across.  We normally don’t see that at all.

American Ninja Warrior – I don’t get why they keep changing up the obstacles and making them harder.  So few people make it through each stage as it is, why make it harder and harder each year?  My prediction that we’d get the first finisher of all four stages was way off, but it might have helped if they hadn’t put that rope thing on the beginning of stage two.  That was just too hard.  Wait until we get a finisher, then start making it harder on everyone.

Graceland – Well, that was just a mess.  Granted, I wasn’t thrilled with the first season of the show, but this season left much to be desired.  I still don’t get why Mike hasn’t told Paige the truth about Lena.  It wasn’t his fault!!!!  He can’t be dead, I get it, but obviously there’s too much stuff from this season to wrap up if the show comes back for a third season, but honestly, I just don’t care any more.

The Quest – Do you think they were trying to set things up for a sequel series there at the end?  I don’t think the ratings were good, so I’m sure we’ll never find out who the Vasir was so happy to see at the end, but I am a bit curious.  Yes, I managed to get into the show, these two hour episodes certainly helped.  I must admit I was rooting for Andrew or Patrick, but I was okay with Lina winning, too.  I was so happy to see everyone come back and fight side by side at the end – yes, even Christian.  It was a very fitting way to end this particular series.  Definitely more enjoyable than I thought it would be after the first couple of weeks.

Girl Meets World – I was so glad this was back!  Some of those lines were hilarious, especially Topanga’s lines referencing the first series.  “How many people have Cory and Topanga ruined?” and “I married Feeny!” were hilarious.  For the main story, I do like how they played out the beauty thing via the debate.  It was actually a much better take on it than normal.

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