Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 12th's Weekly TV Thoughts

It is going to start getting really dead for TV for the next couple of weeks.  Maybe I can finally watch that final season of Boy Meets World.

Once Upon a Time – Wow, what an emotional episode.  And yes, I knew Hook wasn’t truly evil.  It’s easy to give into those weaknesses/desires, however.  I absolutely get that.  But his final scene was just gut wrenching.  Great performances from everyone.  Can’t wait until March to see what happens next.  And speaking of which, Gold is back to being the Dark One?  I actually wanted to see them explore him as him again for a while instead of being evil.  So far, I still love the character, but I hope they don’t drag it too long without finding ways to keep him fresh.

The Librarians – You know what I love about this show?  You never know where you will wind up.  Dorian Grey?  What a great twist on the character and a great plot.  Just great fun from beginning to end.

Supergirl – So the father really is dead.  I don’t like that.  I was so holding out hope that he’d still be alive.  But now we know Hank’s real identity, so at least one story line has been advanced and possibly put to rest.  The character growth for Kara as Kara was pretty amazing this week as well.  I am truly loving this show.

The Muppets – I hope those scenes mean that we will be aiming forward a Miss Piggy/Kermit reunion in the new year.  My understanding is that the new focus/format will be in play when we return in February.  I hope I like it.

The Flash – Really loved some of the character moments.  For example, watching what his girlfriend was going through.  And the scene were Joe gave him the watch?  And then Wally showing up at the end?  Wow.  Some of the best stuff of the season to date.

Agents of SHIELD – I am seriously considering cutting back on shows come January, and this one is topping my list.  Ward is now back as that creature?  Really?  Yawn.  I just don’t care about this show any more.  I really truly don’t.

Scream Queens – I got spoiled as to who the final killer was, but not to that ending.  That was just wild!  I’m a little curious about where they would go for a second season, but I doubt it will be renewed.  Either way, I won’t be back.  The parts that were fun were outweighed with the parts that were too graphic and over the top.

Arrow – So last winter break, they killed Oliver as the cliffhanger.  I was almost expecting it to be Felicity this time around.  I doubt she’s in the grave, however, unless it is a fake to throw Damien off.  Felicity is such a huge part of the show, I can’t imagine it without her.

Survivor – Finally, they got rid of Abi!  Granted, it’s been weeks since she annoyed me, but I’m still hugely thrilled.  I have a feeling watching it all play out next week will be very very interesting.

The Big Bang Theory – I honestly wish I hadn’t known how the episode was going to end before it started.  It would have made the ending that much more satisfying.  I did like how they got Sheldon there, although I thought it might be Amy’s ringtone.  Great episode, but the spoilers kind of ruined the desired emotional outcome.

The Amazing Race – I know I’ve been rooting for the Green Team all along, but I found myself rooting for the reporters tonight.  They’d had so many second place finishes it was nice to see them win the leg that truly matters.  And the Green Team’s reaction to coming in second didn’t help me feel for them.  I don’t see them as sore losers, but more over emotional.  I’d probably be doing the same, but still, it was a bit much.

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