Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ornament Review: Merriest House in Town - 2015 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Delightful light and music show on fun ornament
Cons: I’m too merry to think up a con
The Bottom Line:
Super decked out house
Synched with perfection to song
Delight for your tree

It’s Easy to Be Merry with This House on Your Tree

Several years ago, Hallmark created a Magic Cord ornament that featured a house with crazy decorations linked to music.  In fact, they also created a table top piece based on that ornament.  They’ve revisited the idea this year with Merriest House in Town.  It was a must get for me, and I love it.

Once again, we’ve got a house decorated to the max.  This time, the house is blue with a red roof.  And it is decked out in lights on the roof, around the windows, and on the sides.  It’s got Noel and stars in lights on the upper roof with a light up sign that says “Happy Holidays” on the very top of the roof.  A light up Santa is about to slide down the chimney.  And in the yard, there’s a light up polar bear and a penguin.  The one thing this doesn’t have is someone dangling from the side like on Deck the House!  But that’s okay, this ornament looks great the way it is.

Of course, what truly makes this special is when it is connected to a Magic Cord (sold separately).  That’s when the lights actually turn on, for example.  And when you press the button, you get a wonderful show.  The lights flash and dance to the music – this time part of “The Nutcracker.”  The synchronization is perfect, and watching it brings a smile to my face.  Of course, the ornament also controls the rest of the ornaments connected to that Magic Cord, and their timing is great as well.  All told, the show last just about 30 seconds.

Since this is a house with a bit of a yard, the ornament has a nice flat base, so if you wanted, you could set it out with any Magic Cord ornament display and enjoy that way.  I have mine hanging on my tree.  The loop for hanging it is on the peak of the roof, and the ornament does tip forward ever so slightly, but that is easy enough to disguise with the branches on your tree.

I briefly debated about getting this ornament since I had one that was so similar, but I didn’t debate long.  This one is different enough to make it worthwhile if you like the idea.  I love the idea, and I’ve really been enjoying my copy this season.

So go ahead and get Merriest House in Town.  It will bring lots of merry to your tree for many years to come.

Original Price: $29.95

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