Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Book Review: Live and Let Fly by Clover Tate (Kite Shop Mysteries #2)

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Strong characters, enjoyable plot
Cons: Pacing in second half
The Bottom Line:
Kite contest judge killed
An entertaining cozy
With great atmosphere

Local Celebrity Murdered

Earlier this year, I enjoyed the first book in the Kite Shop Mysteries, and I was looking forward to returning to the town of Rock Pointe, Oregon, and seeing what happened next to Emmy Adler.  Live and Let Fly is that second visit, and it is fun.

August is the height of tourist season for this coastal town, and Emmy’s new business, Strings Attached, is booming.  However, she is looking ahead to winter and how she will make money during that season.  There’s a kite festival coming up in a couple of weeks, and Emmy is hoping her original design will win the contest, which will in turn drive people to her shop.  Of course, that means she has to finish her design, something that is hampered by the unexpected appearance of her accident-prone sister, Sunny.

The judge for this contest is Jasmine Normand, a local who gained international fame as the winner of the reality dating competition Bag the Babe.  She’s returned a few days early to reconnect with friends a family, and when Emmy finds Jasmine and an obviously smitten Jack, Emmy’s semi-boyfriend, she doesn’t react well.  That night, Jasmine dies, and the sheriff doesn’t think it was an accident.  With a tabloid reporter sniffing around Emmy, she needs to figure out what happened to Jasmine before her reputation is ruined.

I truly do love the coastal town that Emmy lives in, and I can almost hear the sound of crashing waves as I read.  It’s warm and inviting, except for the murder rate, just what cozy readers want in a setting.

The story starts out full force, reintroducing us to everyone from book one and introducing the new characters.  However, about half way through the pace cuts back to a breeze.  There are still a couple of twists to come, however, and the climax will have you holding on to anything that might fly away.

In the first book, Emmy had some issues with her temper, but I felt that has learned some patience.  Then again, I didn’t think it was too bad in the first book.  Heck, I would have lost it with Sunny, but Emmy manages to keep her cool there.  This makes her more pleasant to be around as we watch her solve this case.  The other series regulars get some interesting development, and we even get a cameo from someone I didn’t expect to see again.  Meanwhile, the new characters are memorable and entertaining as well.

I did find one rather frustrating continuity error involving a sub-plot at one point.  It doesn’t ruin anything story wise, but it is the kind of thing a good edit should have caught and that drives me crazy.

Truly, that is a minor issue, however.  I found Live and Let Fly to be as pleasant as flying a kite myself.  Sit back and drift away with this enjoyable book.

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  1. I'm with you on finding continuity errors annoying. It sounds like overall this book is worth a read though. Thanks for the contest! mbradeen@yahoo.com

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  5. This is a new series to me. Sounds like an interesting series. I'm with you about finding errors in a storyline, it really drives me crazy. Some are so obvious I wonder why they weren't corrected.

  6. This looks so good--I'd love to read it. Love your Christmas trees photo w/ the books too! legallyblonde1961 at yahoo dot com

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  9. Sounds like fun and a novel setting for the story!

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