Saturday, December 9, 2017

December 9th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Many more mid-season finales this week.  It's going to start looking pretty bare around here for the next couple of weeks.

Supergirl – So we are going to slow play Reign even knowing who she is.  I still feel so sorry for her since she really is a nice person.  And it is going to kill Kara when she learns the truth.  And was it just me, or did this episode seem to pretty much ignore anything from the crossover, which none of the rest of the shows can do.

Lethal Weapon – That was a very fun episode with some great lines.  But I guess I am not a tourist here since I don’t remember ever seeing any of those double decker buses.  I’m interested to see if Riggs makes this relationship last.  I really didn’t see it going this far a couple episodes ago.

The Flash – I did not see any of that ending coming.  We’ve got a new look to the villain.  And Barry is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.  Although, mystery reader that I am, as soon as he picked up that knife, I knew it meant trouble.

Legends of Tomorrow – Jax is leaving, too?  That one I didn’t see coming.  I’m sorry to see both of them leaving the show since I liked their characters.  Not quite as emotional as last week, but still did pull on the heart strings some for sure.

Survivor – I have a winner for dumbest challenge on Survivor ever.  Match rocks to spend time with your loved one?  That’s the best you could come up with?  Really?  Crissy and Ben both need to leave now.  Although I have to give him credit for having a real necklace.  Everyone voted for him, yet he didn’t go home.  Wow!

Designated Survivor – They certainly didn’t take into account any travel time.  I mean, wasn’t the one case supposed to be in Florida?  And where were the bee farmers?  All that aside, I enjoyed the episode and seeing how the three letters played out.  They’ve been slow playing this investigation, and I’ll be glad to see some big action on it next week.

The Big Bang Theory – That was such a fun episode.  Honestly, I’d love to go to that wedding that Sheldon and Amy were planning.  It sounds so funny.  And this Raj/Howard split has been a while coming and provided some great laughs.  Glad to see they are going to play this out.

The Orville – That was a bit of a disappointing episode.  Okay, so there was the part where they preached at us about the evils of religion.  But really, the solution seemed to be anti-climatic.  And something that happened off screen.  I’d call it one of the weakest of the season.

Arrow – I actually thought that Rene was going to die out there in the field at one point, proving his worth again.  Instead, we’ve got two teams at odds with each other, and that means we’ve got someone who is willing to testify against Oliver mad at him.  Meanwhile, Caden James has a strong team all out to get Oliver.  And we don’t get the next chapter for five weeks.  I’m glad it will be a busy five weeks.

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