Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Movie Review: psych - the movie

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Reuniting with the gang feels so good
Cons: Humor doesn’t always hit the mark
The Bottom Line:
psych gang reunites
For mystery and laughter
Fun reunion film

“That’s Not At All How It Goes.  And No, You Haven’t Heard It Both Ways.”

Back when the USA Network was doing all their “Blue Skies” shows, I was a very faithful addict and never missed an episode of any of their shows.  So, when they announced psych: the movie, I was, welled, psyched.  It was a lot of fun to reconnect with these characters.

The movie picks up three years after the events of the series finale, which just happens to have aired three years ago.  Shawn Spencer (James Roday) has set up a new physic detective office in his new town of San Francisco where he has followed his love, police detective Juliet O’Hara (Maggie Lawson).  Gus (Dule Hill) has found a new job as a pharmaceutical rep and makes enough to support the new detective agency since Shawn is obsessed with finding the ring that was stolen when he tried to propose to Jules three years ago.

But everyone has a new focus when Jules’ police partner is shot.  The clues make it look like someone is after Jules.  With help from Karen Vick (Kristen Nelson) and Shawn’s dad Henry (Corbin Bernsen), it’s a race to figure out who is behind it all.  Will they succeed in time?

Fans of the series will immediately notice the one name I have yet to mention, Timothy Omundson, who played Detective Carlton Lassiter.  Sadly, Timothy had a stroke just before they went into production on this movie, forcing a major re-write.  He does get a cameo scene, and even then, you can tell he is still recovering.  I’m not complaining because that scene was a nice touch.  I wish he were healthy and could have fully participated since I loved his character, but since that was not the case, I appreciate everyone doing what they could to include him.

This show was always part comedy and part mystery, and it was wonderful to be back in this mix.  It may have been three years since the show ended, but the cast had no problem slipping back into their roles.  The same chemistry was there, which made the jokes feel effortless.

And this movie was lots of fun.  I laughed multiple times over the course of these 90 minutes, just like I’d do when watching the show.  Unfortunately, Shawn can be annoying at times, and I found that to be the case at times in the first half, but that’s nothing new and my only real complaint.

The mystery itself was very good.  Oh, the mysteries on this show were never the most twisty; they were always an excuse to visit the characters and laugh.  So, when I say where things went didn’t surprise me, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I was having fun along the way, and that’s what really matters.  I did feel one scene in the climax went a bit too far and wasn’t as funny as they were going for, but again, that is minor.

And there were lots of call backs.  Some surprising characters popped up over the course of the film.  We got to see the elements we loved with characters we loved.  Honestly, what was there not to like?

So, for fans of psych, psych: the movie is a must watch.  I don’t recommend non-fans jump in here because you won’t truly get it.  But watch the series and find out what you’d been missing.  Then, you’ll be ready for this fun reunion.

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  1. We were casual watchers of the show, but it sounds like the fans will be happy to revisit these guys!