Monday, December 4, 2017

Ornament Review: Winter Fun with Snoopy #20 - Supper Dish Sledding Redux - 2017 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Fresh take on a fun idea to celebrate 20 ornaments
Cons: Idea was already used in series
The Bottom Line:
Racing down a hill
Snoopy, Woodstock side by side
Happy twentieth!

Paying Tribute to 20 Years with Another Supper Dish Race

This year marks the 20th anniversary for the two longest running Peanuts ornaments series that Hallmark has ever done – Spotlight on Snoopy and Winter Fun with Snoopy.  Just goes to show how popular Snoopy is, right?  For the Spotlight on Snoopy series, we got an original series ornament and a complimentary anniversary piece that harkens back to the original ornament in the series.  But for Winter Fun with Snoopy, we get one ornament that almost does both.

You see, the original ornament in this series featured Snoopy and Woodstock racing down a snowy hill in Snoopy’s supper dish.  And the duo are back at it this year, however this time they are racing side by side.  Yes, Snoopy’s in his red supper dish, but Woodstock is racing in his nest.  And it looks like he might be a little ahead, at least at this moment.  They both must be going quickly since Snoopy’s red and gray striped hat is flowing out behind him.

Yes, I immediately picked up on the similarity between the two ornaments, and I do wish we’d gotten a completely original idea.  However, I don’t care overall.  The design is original enough to make it fun.  I love the idea of Woodstock sliding downhill in his nest.  And the detail on his nest is pretty impressive considering this is a miniature ornament.

Let me emphasize that point.  This is a miniature ornament.  It’s barely over an inch tall.  If you buy this looking for a full sized ornament, you will be disappointed.  But if you have been collecting the series, you already know what to expect.

The ornament has a nice, flat bottom that lets you set this ornament out to be displayed.  However, I recommend you hang it.  You see, it hangs at an angle that adds to the illusion of the downhill race.

You’ll find the 20 in a Christmas tree series marker on the bottom of the ornament as well.

As much as the repeated idea disappoints me, the fresh take on supper dish racing and the tie back to the first ornament in the series makes 2017’s Winter Fun with Snoopy still fun overall.

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Original Price: $7.95

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