Saturday, May 12, 2018

May 12th's Weekly TV Thoughts

This week, we have one season finale, one season or series finale (my money is on series) and lots of build up to the finales coming in the next week or two.  It's definitely May sweeps time.

Once Upon a Time (5/4) – For all of my wishy washiness this season, I really did love this.  Then again, I love climaxes, and that was what we had for this season’s stories.  Obviously, we’ve got two more to go, and I’m jazzed to have the classic characters back.  Not sure how I feel about that back in time business.  And I still don’t get some of the connections.  But for the moment, I’m going to enjoy the highs of this episode.  BTW, I told you it would be a parent/child kiss that would break the curse.  I was expecting it to be Henry and Lucy, but I loved it being Henry and Regina.  That has been such a great twist they’ve done in this show.

Deception – Interesting case.  Not quite as much magic as in some, but enough to make it a worthy Deception episode.  I liked how they worked through some of the stuff from the previous episode.  That needed to be done and was handled well, at least for this show.  Curious what is going on in prison.  Spontaneous combustion?  Yikes!

Supergirl – Didn’t they realize it wasn’t the season finale?  Of course, they wouldn’t completely defeat the threat tonight.  But the biggest revelation came from Lena.  She’s figured out how to make kryptonite?  That is not good, even if I do still mostly trust Lena.  And I hope they don’t eventually turn her bad because I really like her.

Dancing with the Stars – I’m not sorry to see Kareem go.  I have respect for him going out there and trying, but he was the bottom of the pack for me.  I’m sure this will help Arike with her finals this week, but she was definitely growing.  Three leave next week?  Yikes!  This format is absolutely brutal.

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja Vs. Ninja – Was it just me and my poor memory, or did we not have as many teams last week?  I was shocked they got four complete contests in.  Of course, a couple of them didn’t have any relays at all, which certainly helped with the timing.  I’m ready to truly start eliminating teams next week.

Lethal Weapon – Honestly, I would have been perfectly happy to have Riggs ride off into the sunset and have that be the series finale.  It sounds like behind the scenes strife has made it so they have to fire the actor, hence the ending there, although it is a cliffhanger, so it could still go either way.  But it’s just another nail in a season that has been disappointing overall.

The Flash – So glad Amunet was only back for this one episode.  I get that she’s supposed to be funny, but she’s just annoying.  How we can get the bomb into outer space is going to be an interesting puzzle for the final two episodes.  I’m also curious what they will do with Caitlyn and Wells before the season is over.  After all, we are due for a different Wells again next season.

Survivor – Their editing actually got me for once.  I was sure one of the guys was going home unless an idol was played.  So I got the blind side instead of just the members of the tribe.  In fact, it felt like they had a better idea of what was going on than I did.  I agree it was crazy to have all the guys go on the reward, although I think the women were overly upset about Wendell winding up at ghost island instead of the reward.  No one knew that was an option until after he’d been chosen.  That was the producer’s decision, not the guys.

Designated Survivor – Things were going along well until those final few moments.  What will Hannah find in England?  Is Emily okay?  And what is going to happen to Kirkman after he unleashed this special prosecutor?  We are going to have a powerhouse of the season finale.  I hope next week doesn’t leave us with too big of a cliffhanger since I suspect the show won’t be back next year.

Big Bang Theory – That was a ton of fun.  I did feel that Sheldon’s siblings got short changed in the whole episode, especially George.  Good thing he had his episode last week.  So many moments I liked – Wil and Mark interacting, Teller speaks!, science distracting Sheldon, Amy, and Leonard for 45 minutes, Barry singing at the end, Stuart maybe having a girlfriend.  And the part where Sheldon and Amy were sharing their feelings for each other was wonderful.

Arrow – We’ve definitely got the teams back together, and Oliver seems to be willing to work on trusting Felicity as his wife in the field, but I just hope it sticks.  I get where he is coming from, but he has to trust him team in the field, and he certainly needs a team.  Other than that, lots of shooting in place of action.  I hope I like where things go next week.  And I’m dying to know what the second condition for the help is going to be.


  1. Between DTWS and Idol, it has been brutal. At least with Idol, the season didn’t drag. Though, this would have been a great season for it to do that, given the level of talent.

  2. I'm not loving the short format of Dancing with the Stars. I agree about Kareem but I was sad to see Arike go. I think she was definitely getting better. I'd really like more time with pretty much all of them!