Saturday, May 26, 2018

May 26th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Things are about to get very quiet on this post.  We are officially entering summer season, and the shows I watch in the summer have been dropping off.  More time for TV on DVD sets and reading, right?

Deception – Having the ex back proved to be a lot of fun.  Pretty good twists to the mystery as well.  And the final scenes.  What exactly is going on?  This villain seems to have a mighty big reach if she could orchestrate things to get into the FBI that way.

Supergirl – I could have done without the racial lecture.  I’m really wondering if we are going to be able to save Sam, or if this is going to be a waste of time.  I wasn’t expecting the cult to come back, but they proved an interesting way to advance the story.

Dancing with the Stars – No real surprise there that Adam won.  As I said last week, it was his to lose.  I was surprised at his freestyle.  I agree with Carrie Ann and Len that it was … different.  Although I felt like they were too easy on the other two in the freestyle.  And why was it that Adam got Contemporary last week and Jazz this week?  He’s had some easy dances on his way to winning.

The Flash – I think I understood that.  DeVoe was really just using Ralph’s body, so Ralph himself was still alive.  Kind of like how the others were still alive until he jumped to the next meta down the line.  So that’s how he was able to come back.  I’m glad since I’d really gotten to like that character.  It took reading a recap to fully understand the finale, but I think I got it now.  And what a cliffhanger!  What did Nora do?

Survivor – I’m really not surprised with the final three in this season.  I’m glad Wendall won since Dom really did come across as a jerk early on in the season.  Glad he has worked things out with the other guy, however.  How crazy that they had a tie for the first time!

American Ninja Warrior – The celebrities get some nice help along the way.  If I could get some of that help, maybe I could do it, too.  Oh, who am I kidding, I’d still fall on the first obstacle.  Still, it was fun seeing them compete this year.  I definitely noticed the NBC bias of the celebrities.

Hollywood Game Night – Wow, Kelly Clarkson is obnoxiously competitive.  I mean, seriously, that was over the top right there.  However, it was funny when she identified the picture of herself.  Love the game in the ball pool.  That looks like so much fun to me.

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