Saturday, May 5, 2018

May 5th's Weekly TV Thoughts

We are getting closer to season ending cliffhangers.  Getting nervous to see how the writers will be leaving my characters this year.  But for now, here's what I thought about this week's shows.

Once Upon a Time (4/27) – I can’t believe I fell for it.  Of course the kiss at the end of the episode isn’t going to work.  Henry has to kiss Lucy to break the spell.  Think of the other times they’ve broken curses like this.  It’s always been mother to child before, but I think this time it will be father to daughter.  At least Henry isn’t poisoned any more.  I wonder if we can do that for Hook and Alice, too.  And I’m dying to know what the coven has unleashed.

Deception – I was wrong.  Cameron didn’t have a trick up his sleave or some way out of the room.  But at least he got out of it.  I knew he wasn’t going to die, but still, that was very intense.  That woman is absolutely crazy!  And I’ll be very interested in seeing the fallout from what he did next week.

Supergirl – The sub-plot of people getting sick wasn’t a surprise, right down to them getting worse before they found the real cure.  I’m a little surprised they brought all three world killers together at this point in the season, however.  We’ve still got six episodes left this season, but I don’t see how this plot will last that long.  This feels like the next to last episode of the season, so I’m curious where they will go from here.

Dancing with the Stars – Two eliminations right off the bat?  I’m glad they aren’t taking live votes any more since it impacts us on the west coast so much.  Some very impressive athletes in the mix, not that this is a surprise.  I think I will be sorry this is only four weeks.  I’d really like to see how they all improve.

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja Vs. Ninja – I am so happy that the Lizard Kings won their match up.  They won me over before, so I was rooting for them from the beginning this time.  The come from behind win at the end with the Norcal Ninjas was very impressive, too.  I was rooting for Lance, but I have to hand it to them.

Lethal Weapon – We are obviously getting close to the end of the season as the stunts budget has greatly improved.  Couldn’t look away from those scenes.  Definitely well done.  I’m shocked by Riggs’ dad being out of prison, but I shouldn’t be.  Of course, it was an obvious plot twist, so I should have seen it coming.  Looks like we will be wrapping this up one way or the other next week.

The Flash – I figured The Thinker’s wife was going to leave him.  I still wager that she is the key to his undoing.  I’m not sure how yet, but I bet it is coming.  The only seed of doubt in my mind came from the flashbacks.  I’m surprised Cisco and Gypsy broke up.  I honestly thought they were going to write him out of the show.  Nice to see Cecile’s power come into play to help us out instead of for laughs.  I’m betting she also holds a key somehow.  Getting very curious about this mystery woman.  She’s a speedster, but I don’t know comics enough to know what that might mean.

Survivor – They attempted to shake things up, and I applaud them for that.  However, this season is getting boring since the dominate tribe is pretty much sticking together.  Let’s just get those final couple of people out so we can get to the interesting backstabbing again.

Designated Survivor – They got me with the Hannah having been fired thing.  But now she quits.  I’m assuming this one is real, right?  The only thing I was wondering about was the fact that the house was supposed to be 42 minutes from the restaurant, but when Hannah was inside, it was only 30.  The judge sounds like he would have been a judicial activist.  They weren’t concerned about that, although he also seemed like a slimy individual.  And I’m glad they worked something out for the kid.

Big Bang Theory – I wasn’t that impressed with Georgie in the few episodes of Young Sheldon I watched, so I wasn’t sure what to think here.  I actually really liked the episode.  I could see where both of them were coming from, and I loved that final episode.  Pretty funny pink eye storyline, too.  They are upping the game here at the end of the season.

Arrow – I knew that Tommy was going to claim to be the Green Arrow, but I wasn’t sure how they were going to pull it off.  Oliver’s expression during that scene was priceless.  What shocked me was the judge at the end.  I feel a little bad for him being murdered like that.  I get why these people are doing Diaz’s bidding.  They don’t really have a choice in the matter, so I feel sorry the guy got killed because he was kidnapped.  I don’t see how they are doing to take Diaz out, but the next couple of episodes are going to be intense.  I just hope that scene between Olive and Renee means the teams will at least partially be working together again if not completely back on the same page.

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  1. You'd think since they are showing American Idol live coast to coast during these weeks, they could to the same for DWTS. Disappointing that we can't vote for DWTS. Hopefully, they will figure this out for next go around, since Idol already has been renewed and the two shows likely are to end up in the same scenario next year.