Thursday, January 24, 2019

Short Story Review: Changing Habits by Alice Loweecey (Giulia Falcone #3.5)

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Fun short story
Cons: Only if you expect a full novel
The Bottom Line:
Giulia's wedding
Comes with mystery and laughs
Fun transition tale

Transitional Short Story

When Alice Loweecey's series featuring nun Giulia transitioned publishers, it also featured a bit of a few cosmetic changes.  To help smooth over that transition, Alice released the short story "Changing Habits."

It's a week before Giulia Falcone's wedding to Frank Driscoll, her former boss and soon to be partner in Driscoll Investigations, and she has a few last-minute things to take care of.  You know, typical details for the week before the wedding like getting the wedding favors together, finding a wedding dress, and figure out who is switching the valuable items in various churches in the area for cheap fakes.  Nothing major, right?  When the latest theft hits close to home, Giulia is determined to find the guilty party.  Can she handle everything?

You'll remember I said short story.  Yes, this really is a short story; I read it in under an hour.  With everything crammed into the story, it moves quickly and there might not be the twists and turns you'd expect in a novel, but I found the story satisfying.

Likewise, there isn't a lot of time to get to know new facets of the characters.  However, as a fan of the main cast, it was great to pop in for a quick visit.  There are only one or two new characters in the story, and they serve their purpose well.

And we get a few chances to laugh along with Giulia and the gang.  It's one thing I love in this series, and we get a nice dose of it here.

Giulia's fans will be thankful they stopped in for a quick visit for "Changing Habits."  If you aren't yet a fan, this will whet your appetite for the full-length meal that are the novels.

Looking for more of Giulia's cases?  Here are the rest of the stories in order.

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