Saturday, January 12, 2019

January 12th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Time again for Weekly TV Thoughts

I'm going to be doing something a bit different this year.  While I will still be watching shows like Ellen's Game of Games and The Titan Games, I probably won't comment on them every week.  They are fun, but they aren't comment worthy.  If there is something I want to talk about, I will.  But other wise, I'll just enjoy and move on.

But here are my thoughts on TV for the week.

Oh, and there is a pretty major spoiler for The Orville below.  You've been warned.

God Friended Me – I saw that last line coming.  Okay, so I just saw it during that scene, but still.  They are right that the God account seems to be picking people that are connected to Miles in some way.  So what does that mean for Miles?  Who really is behind it?  I’m getting as curious about the mythology of the show as anything else.  And yes, I called the sister as soon as we learned that the guest of the week’s parents were dead.  Still, it was such a heart warming scene.

The Masked Singer – Is it me, or do the judges seem to miss the fact that most of the celebrities are people who aren’t known for their singing.  So constantly naming singers seems to miss the point.  Although they did get close with the pineapple.  I may start watching this show with the remote closer.  It’s fun, but I think they could cut out some of the extraneous stuff if they wanted to.

The Big Bang Theory – They’ve circled back around to Penny and Leonard not having any kids.  I hope this wakes Penny up on that.  Meanwhile, I might actually get on board with Raj’s relationship after this episode.

The Orville – I was pretty much tracking with this episode, expecting all the plot points.  But they got me with the last one.  I never saw Alara leaving coming.  But how fun was it to see The Doctor from Voyage and Dr. Phlox from Enterprise on the same show.

The Good Place – Oh my goodness!  I was laughing so hard through the entire episode.  Neutral Janet, the committee, Chidi helping Elinore.  It was all so fantastic!  I simply love this show!

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