Saturday, January 19, 2019

January 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Here are my thoughts for the week.

Angie Tribecca – I know, I know, the entire season 4 aired on TBS right before New Years.  It’s taken me this long to watch it all. Honestly, this season was very hot and cold.  I missed the characters they didn’t have, including the dog.  Sorry, but he didn’t do much.  They still had some very funny jokes, but overall, the season was rather ho hum.  With how it ended, I could see it being a series finale.  If so, I’m fine with that.  Not sure I would return for another season if it were to come back.

God Friended Me – I should have figured it was something like this when they teased us with so many friend suggestions at once.  Interesting how they wound up saving the building via a book.  The reader in me loves it!

The Flash – I saw that last scene coming.  Of course, Nora has to go get played.  What is up in the future, anyway?  Nice to see them at least mention Joe.  (The actor is out because of an injured back, but will be back in a few weeks.)  I’m curious what Detective Wells is on the trail of.

This is Us – I really thought they weren’t going to tell us who won the election there at the end.  Toby is such a great guy.  Why didn’t I see it in season 1?  Beth sure came around quickly, although I think she is going to be very upset again now that he’s won.  And poor Kevin keeps getting jerked around in his relationship.  I hope Zoe is worth it.

The Masked Singer – The panelists sure called it this week.  3 of the 5 were correct on who the singer was.  And this is something like I was expecting, someone not known for singing still giving it his all.  I am impressed with their courage to do that.

The Orville – I never suspected anything with the new love interest, although it did seem rather fast.  I like how they played out their relationship once the truth was revealed and they then had to work together to survive.  Made for a very interesting dynamic.  And I like the fact that it didn’t end with talk of peace, although this is a crack in the door they could use in the future.

The Big Bang Theory – I’m actually surprised.  I expected Sheldon to struggle with the idea of cutting Amy out of the project.  I’m glad he didn’t since it is the right thing to do, obviously.  Very funny about the gym at the end.  Meanwhile, I suspect that Penny working for Bernadette is going to go south before the season is over.

The Good Place – Okay, I could have done without the political commentary, but fortunately, that was a very small part of the episode.  If I didn’t know better, I would have said that was a season finale.  That could easily have been the season ending cliffhanger right there.  And it feels like a perfect set up for next season.  As it is, we get a new episode next week, so I’m very anxious to see where they are going with what is left of the season.

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