Sunday, September 22, 2019

Cookie Review: Maple Creme Oreos

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Delicious maple flavored cookie
Cons: Limited edition
The Bottom Line:
Maple flavored treat
Certainly a hit with me
Grab them while you can

This Maple Lover is Addicted

I swear, I wasn’t looking for sweets!

I was in my local Wal-Mart recently, and they had the new limited Maple Creme flavored Oreos in the center aisle.  I couldn’t miss them when I walked by; it wasn’t my fault!  Being the maple fan that I am (anything is better with maple syrup on it), I had to try a package.  They are as delicious as I thought they would be.

The Oreos are made with the golden cookies, which mean they have a vanilla base.  The center is a delicious maple flavored creme.  That’s it.  Nothing elaborate or that surprising if you are a fan of Oreos and their various flavors.

But boy does this flavor work.  The maple creme is delicious, tasting very much like real maple syrup and not the artificial syrup that some people sell.  (Yes, I am a maple syrup snob, why do you ask?)  Yes, the artificial flavor is more noticeable if you eat several of these cookies at once, but if you have just one or two at a time, they don’t taste overly artificial.  Or maybe I was expecting the artificial taste so I don’t find it overwhelming when I grab a cookie or two.

And that’s a good thing because cookies should be enjoyed one or two at a time and not multiples at once.  (Notice I said should.  We aren’t talking about my actual cookie eating habits.)

Part of me is bummed these Maple Creme Oreos are limited editions.  I could see myself enjoying them quite a bit if they were a regularly featured flavor.  But it might be best they are limited in nature because I could see myself gaining weight from eating these delicious cookies.

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