Saturday, November 21, 2020

November 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Supermarket Sweep – If it had been me, I definitely would have gone for the $100K in the first half hour.  They had so much time left.  Meanwhile, I would have walked away with $25K in the second half because there wasn’t enough time left to go for it.

Card Sharks – I couldn’t believe that first round.  I mean, that woman couldn’t miss.  And she got very easy cards.  No middle of the pack wonders for her.  I feel a bit sorry for her opponent since this is his second time on the show (sort of), and he never got to guess any cards either time.  The second time was a bit more like normal, including both of the contestants getting ties one right after the other.  I felt sorry for that contestant getting the final one wrong, but she still won a nice bit of money.

LA’s Finest – Patrick didn’t take the truth well.  Not that Nancy is telling the complete truth yet.  I’m really wondering who snagged him.  We are supposed to think Nancy is involved from the cliffhanger at the end, but I’m a little suspicious of that.  The case of the week is certainly interesting.  I wonder how they are going to track down the thieves.

Dancing with the Stars – Johnny left!  And Nev is in the finals!  I don’t know that I cared about much beyond that.  Only the first round scores mattered since everyone got a perfect score in the second round.  There were definitely some beautiful dances tonight, too.  Now, let’s go Nev!

The Weakest Link – The team was actually doing pretty well for themselves – until that final round.  Even so, I think that’s the most I’ve ever seen a team get on the remake.  Definitely impressed.

Tell Me a Story – I am so loving this season!  I’m a bit surprised they went there with the shoe.  They are leaning into the fairytale more this season, especially with that storyline.  I’m not surprised the dad got shot.  I just hope he is okay.  I’m surprised the captive got away.  I’m even more surprised the old boyfriend is still alive.  I figured he wasn’t going to make it out of the episode alive.

The Amazing Race – I’m bummed.  I was rooting for Leo and Alana.  Okay, part of it was the underdog factor since the alliance seemed to be actively going against them.  Part of it was the fact that I liked them.  They seem like nice people.  That alliance of 5 is going to break apart pretty quickly and there is going to be some major drama when it does.  I can’t believe the blondes are still around.  Two non-elimination leg finishes plus a barely surviving finish in between.  I hope they last another leg or two, but we’ll see.  Leo and Alana probably wouldn’t have lasted too much longer either, to be honest, although I’d like to see how some of these teams would do without each other helping them.

B Positive – I was prepared to make this the last episode I watched.  And then this one came along and it wasn’t as bad as the first two.  Am I getting used to the characters?  Is it getting better?  Or was this a one off?  I’ll find out.

Star Trek Discovery – It is rare that I enjoy time loop stories.  I just get frustrated if we do too much recap not enough moving the story forward.  (Not saying it doesn’t happen, but they aren’t my favorite.)  I did enjoy the twist on this one that it wasn’t Michael who realized they were in the time loops since it is almost always the main character, or at least the character we are going to focus on in this episode.

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