Saturday, November 28, 2020

November 28th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 Didn't get too much watched this weekend.  Some of my shows were preempted anyway, but I didn't make it to everything that was on.  But here's what I did watch.

LA’s Finest – I’m really getting concerned about Dante.  Something happened to it, and it can’t be good.  The undercover assignment is going to be very interesting.  And they still haven’t solve the heist story.

Dancing with the Stars – I’m not surprised that Kaitlyn won.  Bachelorette stars seem to have lots of luck on this show.  But I’m disappointed Nev didn’t win.  He was amazing all season.  Have to give Kaitlyn props for two great routines tonight, however.  Heck, everyone was dancing well tonight.  Still, I really did want it to be Nev.

The Weakest Link – I felt like the team was doing worse than that.  Yes, the total was still pretty bad overall, but they managed to bank more than I thought they did.  That final round was almost comical in how many they got wrong.

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