Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

I told you this was going to be a light week.  I think there are some summer shows coming up that look like fun (if I remember to record them), but things are going to stay pretty light until the fall.

Deception – I was afraid they’d leave us with something like that.  Yes, they were starting a new chapter, but the cliffhanger.  Cam in prison.  Jonathan out there with the Mystery Woman.  And all those revelations about the family.  They packed a lot into those two episodes.  I would have enjoyed seeing where they went from here.

Supergirl – Quite the surprise finding out that Kara’s mother is alive.  Will the rock work to cure Sam?  I’m guessing it won’t, but with her being out, it might just take that long to get the cure into her.  Still trying to figure out how this story is going to last another three episodes.

American Ninja Warrior: Ninja Vs. Ninja – Four more great teams and close races.  I know it’s not the first time, but it is rare when the women aren’t racing side by side.  Completely worked for LeBrekfast Club (or however they spell their name), however.

American Ninja Warrior – I don’t know how I feel about this season.  They always start in LA, but they started in Dallas this time.  That’s just wrong!  (Although it looks like next week is going to be tied into the new Jurassic World movie, so I’m sure that’s why.  Still, it’s another couple of weeks before it comes out, so why so early.)  Anyway, I like the higher wall.  I was wondering how long it would be before someone topped it.  I’m glad to see them offering something as a prize along the way.  Two 19-year-olds finished as well.  Very nice.  And Kacy just can’t stay away.  I predict she’ll be on the course again in a year or two.


  1. Was that the season finale of Deception? I heard it got cancelled and I'm a little nervous to watch something unless I have a sworn statement that it will not end in a cliffhanger!

    1. Yes, sadly, that is the series finale of Deception. :(