Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 9th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And here we are - this week's TV thoughts.  Not too much here since I didn't watch too much.

Supergirl – That first act felt like a season finale.  They defeated Reign (although you knew it was too easy) and Kara decided to leave.  You know that isn’t going to stick, but I could see it as a cliffhanger to end a season on.  Now, I’ve very intrigued again.  There are evil people in this paradise?  Are they going to try to turn Earth into New Krypton?  I’m also wondering if Kara tried to contact Clark about her discovery, although since he’s been on Earth since he was a baby, I’m sure he’s not as interested in going home.  And yes, I have to comment on the anti-gun lecture.  Seriously?  Could they have been any more obvious?  And they had Lena, who is going to wind up a villain, as the only one speaking up for responsible gun owners?  And the DEO is going to dis-arm themselves?  Only in fiction will that work out.

American Ninja Warrior – Ninja Vs. Ninja – Again, so many great races that are too close to call.  Sean’s fight to the finish in the first relay was absolutely amazing, for example.  I was hoping to see the Minnesota team make it further, but they fought hard, and all these teams are so good.

American Ninja Warrior – Two more people made it up the higher wall.  I wonder if we will see that in any season ever again.  Although it could have been so many more.  Those doorknobs are brutal!  I’m glad the fan favorites weren’t taken out by them, however.  And the Jurassic World stuff was fun without taking too much time away from the competition.

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