Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Disney Pin Review: Fairy Godmother - Disney Wisdom Collection #12

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Final great looking set
Cons: Sparkles, which I like but the rest of the series doesn’t have
The Bottom Line:
Miraculous set
Wraps up Wisdom Collection
Pretty lavender

You Don’t Need a Miracle to Get This Pin Set

We’ve made it!  The final entry in the Disney Wisdom Collection is now out.  Although, to be honest, it seems hard to believe the year is over already.  This month, we get some thoughts on miracles from Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother.

The quote of the month comes during her big scene as she transforms things so Cinderella can go to the ball.  She says, “Even miracles take a little time.”  Personally, I’d change this quote just slightly to read “Even miracles can take a little time.”  If you read the Bible, you’ll see many miracles that took no time at all, like most of the times Jesus healed someone.  Other times, they did take a little while, like the parting of the Red Sea in Exodus.  Overall, the quote is about patience, and patience is an important thing to learn, so I embrace the spirit of the quote if not quite the words.

Now here’s a miracle for you, Fairy Godmother is one of the characters included in the pin set.  In fact, she is the featured character of the month.  I figured when I saw the quote was from her that she wouldn’t be included in the set at all.  That brings our final tally to 4.5 out of 12, so just over a third of the time, the person being quoted was featured in the rest of the merchandise.

No surprise, this is a three pin set.  I am a bit surprised that the color of the month is lavender since I associate blue with Fairy Godmother, but I looked it up and I see she does have some lavender on her.  The accent color is purple, and they make a pretty combination.  One of the pins in the set is the quote itself written mostly in yellow.  As I said, another pin is Fairy Godmother.  The final character this month is Gus, who would have been my guess if I’d had to choose another character.  All three pins look great.  More importantly, they round out the series well.

And did I mention the sparkles?  The lavender parts of the set are sparkly here.  Most of Fairy Godmother, a bit on Gus, and the boarder of the quote.  I’m a bit torn on this.  Part of me loves it.  It’s pretty cool how it catches the light.  On the other hand, since the rest of the sets in the series don’t have this, it will make it stand out from the rest.  But overall, I think I like it.

If you’ve been collecting these pin sets all along, you’ll be happy to have the final set in your collection.  And if you haven’t been, now you can go out and get them all.

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