Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Ornament Review: Winter Fun with Snoopy #22 - Snow Shoeing - 2019 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great snow shoeing themed entry
Cons: For some, a mini ornament (but I was expecting that)
The Bottom Line:
Mini walk in snow
As Snoopy tries snow shoeing
In this fun entry

Winter Snow Shoeing Trek

It’s a little hard to believe, but we are now 22 ornaments into the Winter Fun with Snoopy series.  Even more amazing, Hallmark is still finding winter activities to capture in this mini ornament series.  This year, we are having fun snow shoeing.

Unlike some entries in this series, Snoopy is actually dressed for the cold weather.  He’s wearing a blue-gray parka, and he’s even got the hood pulled up around his ears.  Yet, with his white nose poking out of the hood, it is still easy to tell who he is.  He’s got a brown stick in one hand, and his snow shoes are on his feet.  In fact, we’ve got him as he’s about to take a step.  And Woodstock?  Snoopy’s feathered friend wouldn’t miss this trek, but he’s being smart about it.  He’s riding in Snoopy’s backpack.

This is another cute entry in the series.  Even though I have never been snow shoeing (and have no desire to go snow shoeing), this still makes me think it looks like fun.  Of course, it helps that I’m looking at this while sitting in a warm room.

This is a miniature ornament, like the rest of the series.  Snoopy is only an inch tall here.  However, they still manage to work in some good details, like the ruffles on Snoopy’s parka.

There isn’t a base to this ornament like there often is.  Still, Snoopy is mostly standing on his feet, so he balances enough that he will stand on his own.  I would caution you that, because of the size, it could be easy to lose him.  And, if you look closely, you’ll find the series marker on the bottom of his foot.

When you go to hang Snoopy on a tree, you’ll find that he hangs straight.

Those who enjoy snow shoeing will definitely appreciate this addition to the Winter Fun with Snoopy series.  Even someone like me, who thinks snow is prettiest in pictures, can appreciate this ornament.

And be sure to check out the rest of the Winter Fun with Snoopy series.

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