Monday, December 30, 2019

Ornament Review: Glistening Lantern Snowman - 2019 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Looks great, power cord adds to fun
Cons: Would be fun if it interacted with others
The Bottom Line:
Snowtop compliment
Magic’ly glows from within
For truly fun piece

Glowing Snowman

Hallmark’s Snowtop Lodge series is celebrating 15 years this year, and they released a couple of fun unofficial ornaments to celebrate this year.  One of them is the Glistening Lantern Snowman.

Just by looking at the ornament, any fan of the series knows it is a compliment to the series.  Of course, the ornament itself is a snowman.  He’s looking dapper in a top hat and leaning on his cane, which just happens to be a candy cane.  He’s got a festive green, red, and white scarf around his neck as well.  And, as is usual for the series, he’s got a scene on his lower snowball.  In this case, it’s of snowpeople out in a field with Christmas trees behind them.  They look like they are out greeting their friends.

You can enjoy the ornament this way, but the ornament does plug into the Keepsake Power Cord, which is sold separately.  When you plug it in, you’ll see that it glows.  And we aren’t talking just white lights either.  There are multiple colors of lights in the bottom of the ornament that change on a regular basis.  The result is spectacular, really.  The light also really shows off the other part of the scene that I hadn’t mentioned yet.  Above the snowpeople, you’ll see Santa and his sleigh of reindeer.  What’s fun is, depending on how the lights are flashing, it can look like the they are flying.  You have to be looking at the ornament up close to see that since it is an illusion based on the angle the lights is hitting the images, but when you do, it’s magical.

I will complain again about the fact that this ornament doesn’t interact with any of the other ornaments connected to the Power Cord.  Don’t get me wrong, it looks great all on its own, but if it reacted to a show put on by other ornaments, that would be even more fun.

  Because the plug for the cord is in the back of this ornament, you can set it out to display and still plug it in.  The bottom is flat, so he will stand up.  He is a little bigger than the ornaments in the official series, so adding him to a display of them might be a little weird, but if you set him in the back, I bet he’d look good.

I’ve got mine hanging on my tree this year.  I’m happy to report that he hangs straight.

Glistening Lantern Snowman is a fantastic looking ornament.  Even if you aren’t collecting the rest of the Snowtop Lodge series, he’d make a great addition to your tree.

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