Saturday, December 21, 2019

December 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

And here's my weekly TV thoughts for the week.  Most likely my last one for the year, but I may pop in with some next Saturday depending on how my next couple of days go.

Christmas Caroler Challenge – I stumbled on this show Sunday night on the CW.  Cheesy lines from the hosts, and I felt like the judge’s comments were edited.  But I loved the singing!  A cappella groups, how could it go wrong?  I will definitely watch the remaining four episodes, which air Sunday and Monday.  Probably have to watch them after I get back from Christmas, however.

A Very Brady Renovation: Holiday Edition – Loved it!  So they didn’t have much material from the show to work with, but it was still lots of fun.  And those ornaments?  They were absolutely perfect for a tree in the Brady house.

Holidays with the Houghs – That was fun!  Their banter got a little old, but I still laughed at it most of the time.  And their solo dance numbers were phenomenal.  Even knowing the trick of the tilting room, it is so impressive to watch.  And the roller skates.  Wow!

Survivor – I’m surprised Norah thought she’d get any votes.  Honestly, she must not be aware how much she rubs people the wrong way.  Then again, most people probably don’t realize that about themselves.  Once again, they short change the reunion in favor of the final episode.  Cut it down, already!  This is the first time since season 1 that I can remember not everyone coming back for the reunion, and I think two people were missing.  Then again, since he hardly talked to any of them, what was the point?  And a season of winners?  I’m already looking forward to next season.

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