Saturday, December 7, 2019

December 7th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Survivor (11/27) – What a crazy tribal counsel!  Only two votes for the person who didn’t play her idol, and so there was a tie.  I feel a little sorry for Elizabeth going out like that, but it makes for great TV.  And only three people doing the challenge?  Talk about getting people to do what you want.  People had better watch out for her.  And that is going to be a rude awakening when the legacy advantage turns out to be fake next week as well.

Batwoman – Wow!  What a dark turn.  I’m really surprised they killed off Catherine.  I figured they’d work to redeem her.  I can understand why Alice did what she did, however.  Still, it is going to take a lot to redeem her, and with everyone out to get her now, she’s going to have to change her tune in a hurry.  Of course, next week will be derailing storylines.  Although I am curious what was going on with Wells there in the final scene of the night.

Supergirl – I feel like they wrapped up some pretty major storylines.  I’ll be curious if they are going to introduce new villains or do something else out of crisis.  And we are dealing with world ending stuff on this show two weeks in a row.

The Flash – Slightly better than last week, but not by much.  I’m glad that villain is gone.  We have the context for Wells, although I still don’t completely get it.  That final scene was great, however.  All in all, I’m ready to move on to Crisis.

Arrow – Another dark episode.  Coming on the heels of The Flash, it was a bit much.  We definitely appear to be changing the future, with what happened to Roy.  The goodbyes were needed, but boy did they drag on.  Could have been shorter, but definitely good.

Survivor – You can’t be that blatant at picking your alliance in reward challenges.  Did season 3 show that to anyone?  (Okay, I don’t remember which season it was, but it was an early one.)  Yet it might turn out okay for the group based on that crazy tribal.  I mean, wow!  I’m glad I didn’t live through it, but it was great fun to watch.

Carol’s Second Act – Why is it I find the secondary story the more compelling and fun each week?  It helped in this case that they got Barry to guest star.  Recognized his voice, but it always takes a minute to get used to him without that lisp.

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