Saturday, December 14, 2019

December 14th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Crisis is here!  The Crisis is here!  Or at least the first three parts.  Now we have to wait a month to get the conclusion.  There are spoilers below, so be prepared.

And speaking of being prepared, it's going to be mighty light next week, and I'm not sure I will have any thoughts the two weeks after that.

God Friended Me – Remember how excited I was to learn the episode two weeks ago wasn’t the fall finale?  This episode didn’t help.  Kara has walked away?  Joy has a lead on the God account?  I can’t wait that long!  Fortunately, it should be back in a month or so.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate heights?  The first part of the episode didn’t make me happy.  And I was tearing up so hard at the climax.  I expect the story to be a wake up for Kara, but I didn’t expect her to walk away.  I’m thrilled the Mile’s dad finally made the decision to put Trish ahead of everything else.  About time he saw the light there.

Supergirl: Crisis Part 1 – It was having that old crossover charm with great jokes, but I think that is gone.  I mean, Kara’s planet is gone.  And Oliver has died.  This is going to mean the rest is going to be serious.  Really can’t believe they killed off Oliver so soon.  And I’m still not seeing how they will sustain this for four more episodes since it’s already the end of the world.  Did love some of the cameos.  As I expected, they are blink and you miss them bits, but they are still fun.  I get the homage they were doing with sending Jonathan to the Earth, but seriously?  Have these people learned nothing from Krypton being destroyed?  Nobody had extra pods?  And what is Earth 1 going to do with an extra billion people?

Batwoman: Crisis Part 2 – If they were going to have lots of people from Batwoman involved in this crossover, this would have been the episode, so I’m guessing not too many are going to show up.  Not that I would have wanted this episode to be that different.  Loved seeing Smallville Clark and Lois again.  So many fun touches that were a nod to that show.  And Brandon Roth as Superman is great.  So glad they are using him in dual roles for this before he leaves the show.  Not too surprised they are trying to bring Oliver back, but something tells me it won’t be a good thing overall.

The Flash: Crisis Part 3 – I was expecting a pretty massive cliffhanger considering we’ve got a month to wait for the rest to happen, but I wasn’t expecting that.  Lex has destroyed our last chance to save humanity.  And everything and everyone has gone out of existence.  I mean wow!  Not surprised they pulled a switch with Barry vanishing in Crisis.  I liked that twist.  And what is going to happen when soulless Oliver wakes up.  But since his body has vanished, I guess it doesn’t matter.  With Black Lightning and his world gone, I know they are going to restore stuff since that show has to continue somehow.  But still, I can’t see how they will do it.

Survivor – I’m sorry to see Elaine go, but I knew something was up when they took the break they did right before the votes were read.  What is Dan’s deal?  He was given so many chances, too.  And that means the fake legacy paper and the other stuff are all no good any more, right?  Or were some of them good beyond six?  I can’t remember off hand.

Carol’s Second Act – I’ve been commenting about how I find the sub-plots funnier than the main storyline of the episode.  Unfortunately, this week, I didn’t care for the sub-plot at all since it revolved around food poisoning.  And the main storyline was just okay – predictable and just not that funny.  The last scene was touching, however.

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