Sunday, March 19, 2023

Disney Pin Review: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction #9 - 2022 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Great details for Big Thunder Mountain
Cons: Mickey’s still in the same pose
The Bottom Line:
Railroad visit
Finds Mickey in western duds
For a fun entry

Maybe Not the Wildest Pin in My Collection, But I Like It

Mickey Mouse is visiting several of the famous Disneyland mountains in his tour for the Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction series, and his latest stop is to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  This classic attraction in Frontierland is honored with a fantastic pin.

The reality is that this is a pretty standard roller coaster.  Even a tame one.  Which makes it perfect for kids looking for their first roller coaster.  It was my first coaster, and I loved it.  Anyway, what makes it special is the theming.  The fact that we are racing by a very detailed western backdrop is why it is memorable.  Honestly, I bet there are all kinds of details I’ve never noticed on this ride.

Anyway, this pin brings in that western theme, and makes it truly stand out.  Mickey’s in his standard pose, one leg out with his arms behind his back.  For this pin, he’s wearing tan chaps, and a western style hat.  He’s got a red bandana with the BTMR logo that Disney uses on it.  And his shirt has the red mountains that Disney often uses for this attraction on it.

The result is lots of fun.  It’s easy to immediately recognize which attraction Mickey is representing, and the little details I mentioned make it stand out.

Those who have been collecting the series will be delighted with the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad pin.  In fact, any fan of the attraction will want to add this to their collection.


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