Saturday, March 25, 2023

March 25th's Weekly TV Thoughts

 A couple shows took the week off, and one got postponed until who knows when (Lingo).  So it made for what felt like a lighter week, which was nice.  It would also be nice if my shows were spread across the week more evenly, but the programmers haven't consulted me, still.  Weird, right?

The Company You Keep – Wow, all secrets are off the table.  As a resolution for last episode’s cliffhanger, it felt a bit weak, but I thought we’d be dancing around all of this until the end of the first season at least.  I’m very curious to know where they are going to go now.

Quantum Leap – What????  Ziggy’s the mole?  On purpose or accidentally?  I hope there’s a good reason for it since they’ve been so respectful of the original up until now.  And why is Leaper X going to kill Madison?  How could Ben have stopped it?  I have so many questions.  And yes, that was a good leap, but I’m much more caught up in the current timeline right now.

Superman & Lois – I thought they were going to go there.  It’s going to make this a rough season.  I’m hoping they aren’t going to do anything crazy with it like turn her into a superhuman or something.  But this show is at it’s best.  Clark was there for Lois immediately.  No blame about how he found out or anything.  It’s why I love this show.

Gotham Knights – I am officially hooked.  Wayne’s servant is in league with the Court of Owls?  Robin is helping hide something?  What in the world is going on.  And how are we going to be able to prove any of it?  Yeah, I know I’m only two episodes in and we have a long way to go to find out, but I hope it continues to be such a thrilling ride.

Will Trent – I think I’ve finally warmed up to the characters.  I felt that was a good episode.  Definitely some twists, and I liked how everyone figured it out.  Episodes like that can be tricky when you don’t have the characters together like normal, but they made it work.  And I appreciate how there were consequences for the fugitive even if he was innocent of murder.  Hopefully, they go light on him, however.  I know even justice loving me would.

The Mandalorian – Definitely a better episode.  Almost half the length of last week for one thing.  I’m unclear why we needed the flashback in the middle, but they are carrying through some plot threads and those creatures are going to be a very interesting plot complication.  But having a show with everyone under a mask is going to be old quickly.

Survivor – It’s been a while since we switched people up pre-merge.  Giving them an idol was smart, obviously, since it makes it so they will stick around.  But wow, a team now down to three people.  That’s not good at all.  And I’ve lost track of how many episodes we are in.  I wonder if they will make the merge even.  Then, will they be the easy pickings if they do make the merge.

True Lies – A little better than last week’s.  The relationship stuff is fairly predictable, but Matthew Lillard was great as The Wolf.  I knew he would be based on what I’ve seen him do in the past (big Scream fan here, remember).  Still, this is missing the fun of the pilot, and usually I feel like the pilot is the weakest part of a first season.

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  1. I have no idea what will happen next on Survivor, but, I'm warming up to Carolyn, I think she's smarter than she appears.


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