Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 21st's Weekly TV Thoughts

Hi and welcome to this week's Weekly TV Thoughts.  As always, you can play along in the comments or on your own blog.  If you do want to comment on your own blog, just leave the link so others can visit.

Enlisted - Not a laugh out loud episode, but definitely amusing.  Pete and Randy definitely had the funniest stuff with their competitions.  I agree with Derek, they are idiots!  But they are amusing idiots, which is what is required for a comedy.  Meanwhile, I knew he wouldn't get away with hiring the others to fix things at the house for him.  However, I didn't see the twists coming with the son.  I'm sorry to see Derek break up with his girlfriend because I liked that character and relationship, but I can hardly argue with her moving across the country so her son can be near his father.

24: Live Another Day - I often think they've killed off characters for no reason on the show.  But when they do it right, they hit it out of the park (no pun intended).  That episode was so intense, but not for the reason that last week's was.  The emotions were just so strong and heart breaking.  I don't know where we will go in the final 5 episodes, but it is going to be one crazy ride.  Just one complaint, why no silent clock?  (Unless that was a clue of some kind….)

American Ninja Warrior - No additional women made it this week, but I think the biggest surprise is Flip going out on something so simple.  I knew that going for speed would do those two in sooner or later.  I'm sorry to be correct.

Royal Pains - Well, I called Emma's father completely wrong, and Eddie makes much more sense.  But I feel like something else is going on with her.  Yes, I like her, as do the other characters, and her answers at the end of the episode certainly make sense, but I just feel like Eddie's reaction means something else is up.  Meanwhile, how much longer will Jeremiah's love for Divya allow him to put up with the baby?

Melissa & Joey - I'm torn.  That wedding was so incredibly funny, but at the same time, something about Mel not really being awake for it seems wrong.  And this must be how they intend to work in a younger cast member again since both of the original kids are now in college.  How Lennox will get out of this love triangle is beyond me.  When is the show coming back?

Baby Daddy - I've only been watching for a few episodes, but I felt the emotions of this one.  I've been pulled in by the characters that much already.  Still being new to the show, I have no idea where they are going to go with the relationships from here, but I'm anxious to find out.  I'm a little unclear why the Wheelers were even allowed at the block party, but those scenes and how they changed the words of that song were so fun.

Suits - For someone I couldn't stand that first season, they sure have made Louis out to be a nice guy these days.  It does help that we see how much Donna looks out for him, like tonight.  First she got him to do the right thing, then she went to bat for him with Jessica.  Meanwhile, this Mike/Harvey fight in great.  I can't tell how they will drag this out and come up with a win/win ending, but I will love the ride.

Graceland - Yep, I'm fully on board for the new season.  What they are doing with the characters is amazing.  Charlie and Briggs with the guilt?  The one guy with his son?  This is looking to be much more promising than season 1.  I think I'm glad I came back.

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