Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 7th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I'm not at home right now (the beauty of pre-scheduling posts), so I won't be able to visit anyone for a few days, but if you want to post thoughts on what you are watching on your blog, leave the link in the comments.  You are also free to comment here as well.

Enlisted - I was so glad to have this comedy back.  Yes, it is silly, but it makes me laugh, and this week was no exception.  The guys just kept failing at their pranks, but the results were hysterical.  I so wish this one hadn't been canceled.

American Ninja Warrior - I like many of the stars of this competition, and Brent and Kacy are no exception.  I was rooting for her to be the first woman to finish and I was so thrilled she was.  But then to have Brent go out?  That was just heart breaking!  He really hasn't had a good couple of years.

24: Live Another Day - The torture is always so hard to watch.  And I knew the British were going to interfere at the worst possible moment.  This is 24, after all.  But the last 15 minutes had my heart racing as always.  I'm wondering at this point if they can really turn the daughter or not.  Looks like next week will be even more intense.

Melissa & Joey - Well, that was a twist with the wedding I did not see coming.  I'm very curious where they intend to go with this secret about Joe.  I'm also wondering how long until the next season since I don't know how many more episodes we even have in this season.  I'm beginning to wonder if they are setting us up for an even bigger cliffhanger next week.

Baby Daddy - So I gave in and watched my first episode.  It was as funny as I was expecting, although how can it miss with Melissa Peterman in a supporting role.  She's a hoot.  I was a little unclear on some of the relationships, but I still got some nice laughs from it - especially the resolution to the Foosball plotline.  I'll definitely be back.  Now, to catch up on what I missed.


  1. We gave up cable about a year ago, so I've been streaming West Wing and Doctor Who from Netflix, and watching one of my Agatha Christie DVDs (The Seven Dials Mystery.)

    1. I keep thinking I need to give up TV. It wouldn't hurt my watching any with the shows I've bought on DVD because I love them so much. Of course, it would hurt my intake of current shows, which is one reason I can't quite pull that trigger.

  2. Glad you watched Baby Daddy. It's one of my favorites.

    Here's a brief bio:
    Bonnie is Ben and Danny's mom. Riley is their friend from when they were kids, and she's Danny's best friend. Riley has had a crush on Ben forever. Danny's had a crush on Riley forever. Tucker is everyone's friend. Ben, Danny and Tucker and baby Emma (Ben's daughter from a one night stand) live together in an apt. Bonnie lives across the street. Riley has an apt somewhere, not sure where.

    1. That's kind of what I had figured out, but it really helps. So we have a love triangle with two brothers in it. Interesting.

      I will definitely be watching more since the show was so funny. I wish I had started watching sooner.