Thursday, September 11, 2014

Book Review: I Am Invited to a Party! by Mo Willems

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Funny story backed up with the perfect illustrations
Cons: I couldn’t attend this party with them
The Bottom Line:
Ready to party?
You will be after reading
Gerald and Piggie

Does Gerald Know Parties?

Who doesn’t enjoy going to a party?  They are a time of games and fun with friends – I mean what’s not to love?  And it makes a great subject for I Am Invited to a Party!, one of Mo Willem’s wonderful Elephant and Piggie books.

Piggie is thrilled.  She is invited to her very first party.  Her best friend Gerald the Elephant is going to go, too, which is a good thing since he knows parties.  In fact, he’s trying to guess just what kind of party it might be.  As each idea gets crazier, Piggie begins to wonder if Gerald could possibly be right.  Is he guessing correctly, or will there be some other kind of party?

Many of the books in this series feature a lesson sweetly and subtly given.  That’s certainly not the case here.  Just like a party, this book is designed to be pure fun.  Gerald keeps trying to guess what kind of party it might be, and he goes from pool to costume to fancy.  As always, the book is told with simple words that is just dialogue between Gerald and Piggie, making it a fast read.  The language is such that beginning readers could easily read it on their own.

What really makes this book, however, are the illustrations.  Each time Gerald suggests a new party theme, Piggie’s expression gets funnier.  What the duo wind up looking like while heading to the party is wild.

Of course, the final couple of pages are the punch line to the joke, and the payoff is super.  I’ve read the book several times, and I still laugh each time.  Knowing the twist doesn’t make the humor any less funny at all.

So if you have a pre-school to earlier reader, you’ll just love getting this book for them.  I Am Invited to a Party! is silly fun you and they can enjoy again and again.

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