Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reading Challenge: Cloak and Dagger Mystery Reading Challenge

It's hard to pass up a twofer like this, so I am entering another mystery reading challenge for 2015.  The Cloak and Dagger Challenge applies to any mystery, not just the cozies like the first one I signed up for.  That will probably be the majority of the ones I read, but since I do intend to listen to more on audio this year (more on that in another challenge post today), I will definitely be adding the mysteries I listen to here.

April 12th Update: The challenge is now being hosted by Thoughts from an Evil Overlord.  Thanks for taking this on!

This one really is as easy as it sounds.  You just need to read mysteries.  My favorite genre.  How hard could this really be for me, right?

That's why I am going to sign up for Miss Marple, which is 30 books.  I could probably go with Sherlock Holmes, the highest at 40+.  In fact, I am quite tempted to do that.  But I will resist the temptation.  March 20th Update:  I have already reached 20, so I am going to go for Sherlock Holmes, which is 40+ mysteries this year.  I don't see that being an issue.

Of course, I will list the books I read as I finish and review them here.

1. Feta Attraction by Susannah Hardy
2. For Whom the Bluebell Tolls by Beverly Allen
3. Zero-Degree Murder by M. L. Rowland
4. The Black Echo by Michael Connelly
5. Scene of the Climb by Kate Dyer-Seeley
6. Ghost in the Guacamole by Sue Ann Jaffarian
7. Geared for the Grave by Duffy Brown
8. Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant by Hy Conrad
9. License to Dill by Mary Ellen Hughes
10. Great Smokies by Sandy Dengler
11. A Tine to Live, a Tine to Die by Edith Maxwell
12. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley
13. Hearse and Buggy by Laura Bradford
14. Buttercream Bump Off by Jenn McKinlay
15. Murder in the Mystery Suite by Ellery Adams
16. The Edge of Dreams by Rhys Bowen
17. Double Fudge Brownie Murder by Joanne Fluke
18. Death is Like a Box of Chocolate by Kathy Aarons
19. Puzzled Indemnity by Parnell Hall
20. Buried in a Bog by Sheila Connolly
21. The Gods of Guilty by Michael Connelly
22. Wouldn't It Be Deadly by D. E. Ireland
23. At the Drop of a Hat by Jenn McKinlay
24. The Icing on the Corpse by Liz Mugavero
25. Grave on Grand Avenue by Naomi Hirahara
26. The Readholics and the Falcon Fiasco by Laura DiSilverio
27. A Sticky Situation by Jessie Crockett
28. Grand Canyon by Sandy Dengler
29. Truth Be Told by Hank Phillippi Ryan
30. Musseled Out by Barbara Ross
31. One Foot in the Grape by Carlene O'Neil
32. 14th Deadly Sin by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
33. The Final Reveille by Amanda Flower
34. Death by the Dozen by Jenn McKinlay
35. As Gouda as Dead by Avery Aames
36. Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson
37. Assaulted Pretzel by Laura Bradford
38. Death of a Chocolate Cheater by Penny Pike
39. A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton
40. Truffled to Death by Kathy Aarons
41. Farmed and Dangerous by Edith Maxwell
42. Snow White Red-Handed by Maia Chance
43. Lullaby Town by Robert Crais
44. Bless Her Dead Little Heart by Miranda James
45. The Diva Runs Out of Thyme by Krista Davis
46. The Longest Yard Sale by Sherry Harris
47. Independence Slay by Shelley Freydont
48. Peaches and Scream by Susan Furlong
49. Fatal Reservations by Lucy Burdette
50. Murder on the Bucket List by Elizabeth Perona
51. Time's Up by Jane Mack
52. Mrs. Pollifax Pursued by Dorothy Gilman
53. A First Date with Death by Diana Orgain
54. The Chocolate Clown Corpse by JoAnna Carl
55. Killer Jam by Karen MacInerney
56. The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag by Alan Bradley
57. Fudging the Books by Daryl Wood Gerber
58. Crushed Velvet by Diane Vallere
59. Malice at the Palace by Rhys Bowen
60. Shunned and Dangerous by Laura Bradford
61. Death by Tiara by Laura Levine
62. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
63. Lord of the Wings by Donna Andrews
64. Cinderella Six Feet Under by Maia Chance
65. Trick or Deceit by Shelley Freydont
66. Red Velvet Revenge by Jenn McKinlay
67. B is for Burglar by Sue Grafton
68. Stone Cold Case by Catherine Dilts
69. The Scam by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
70. Move Your Blooming Corpse by D. E. Ireland
71. Snow Way Out by Christine Husom
72. Dead with the Wind by Miranda James
73. Just Killing Time by Julianne Holmes
74. Floral Depravity by Beverly Allen
75. Pain and Suffering by Cheryl Hollon
76. The Black Ice by Michael Connelly
77. The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
78. A Skeleton in the Family by Leigh Perry
79. Flipped for Murder by Maddie Day
80. Olive and Let Die by Susannah Hardy
81. The Chocolate Falcon Fraud by JoAnna Carl
82. A Body to Spare by Sue Ann Jaffarian
83. Free Fall by Robert Crais
84. Going, Going Ganache by Jenn McKinlay
85. Fillet of Murder by Linda Reilly
86. Suspendered Sentence by Laura Bradford
87. Fry Another Day by J. J. Cook
88. The Ghost of Mistletoe Mary by Sue Ann Jaffarian
89. The Readaholics and the Poirot Puzzle by Laura DiSilverio
90. To Brew or Not to Brew by Joyce Tremel
91. Here Today, Gone Tamale by Rebecca Adler
92. A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley
93. Away in a Manger by Rhys Bowen
94. The Humbug Murders by L. J. Oliver
95. Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen by Vicki Delany
96. Sugar and Iced by Jenn McKinlay
97. Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidante by Susan Elia MacNeal

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  1. Hi Mark, Just wanted to welcome you to the 2015 Cloak & Dagger Reading Challenge, we are looking forward to a year full of mystery and are glad that you will be reading along with us!