Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 7th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I came close.  I came very, very close.  And if I hadn't had other plans Friday night, I probably would have caught up.  Considering I only have 2.5 hours of TV from the past week and a half I haven't watched yet, I'm rather pleased with myself.

Hold on, this is going to be a longer than normal post.

Arrow (4/27) – I was doing okay until Detective Lance finally lost it.  Ouch, that hurts so much!  The flashbacks were interesting and told us a bit about what took Olive back to the island as well.  In other words, they actually served a purpose this week.

Survivor (4/27) – Another week, another blindside.  Of course, that does make the show so much more interesting for those of us in the audience even if it makes it much more frustrating for the players.  I’m not sure who I am rooting for at this point, not that it matters.  They’ll be blindsided next week.  (That was the perfect word to put in the challenge, that’s for sure.)

Legends of Tomorrow (4/28) – I was wondering where they were going with things.  It was beginning to feel a bit like a season finale until that twist with Kendra at the end.  Now I really want to know where they are going to go with things next week.  (And how they are going to set things up to continue into next season as well.)

Big Bang Theory (4/28) – Zach is always good for a laugh.  And did Raj really not tell the two women about each other?  He’s in serious trouble now.  Not that I necessarily want him to get back together with Emily, but this should be fun to watch.  Meanwhile, Sheldon was sweet when he wanted to be yet again, although boy did he make Bernadette suffer before they got to the D&D game.

The Odd Couple (4/28) – This episode, on the other hand, was sadly predictable and one of the weaker episodes they’ve done.  And with Marv in the mix, too.  Although is it me, or are they making him dumber?

Amazing Race (4/29) – NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not that I disagree with either team in going after the Frisbee guys, but I was rooting for them from the start, and to see them go because of something like this hurts.  I was hoping there was some way they could pass someone, but it was not to be.  At least they showed good class about it as they made their way out the door.

Once Upon a Time – So is that it?  Is Hook off the show?  It was an amazing goodbye scene between him and Emma, but I really can’t believe they’d write him off the show.  However, I’m very scared for next week and who they are going to kill off then.  I don’t want to lose anyone in the cast, especially if we’ve already lost Hook.

Dancing with the Stars – Not super surprised with either of the couples who left this week.  As strong and bunched up as the field is, they were consistently near the bottom.  I’m glad to see that Nyle was just trying to joke around last week and it didn’t translate to us.  I really do like him and am glad I can go back to rooting for him.

The Odd Couple (5/2) – I’m surprised.  I thought Charlotte was going to be a one-time character, but I guess she is recurring this season, which is great since I like Terri Hatcher.  Felix’s scene up on stage with the pianist was hilarious, best part of the episode.

Castle – This is why I am sorry the show is ending.  (Oh, they may not have canceled it, but with Beckett gone they might as well cancel it.)  That’s the combination of mystery with romantic comedy that I have loved for so long.  And it’s nice to see the show can still do that when it wants to.

The Flash – Wow!  I was not expecting that ending at all.  Obviously, Barry isn’t dead, but where or when he is is going to be a major mystery.  Meanwhile, did they just give Wally his powers?  Two Flashes?  Is that how they are going to defeat Zoom?  Because I sure don’t see a way to stop him.  Oh, and, yes, I was absolutely thrilled to have Henry back.

Agents of SHIELD – So is Daisy really evil permanently now?  Oh, I know they have to make it look that way.  I’m wondering if she will sacrifice herself in the season finale to save the day.  Two more weeks.  Just two more weeks.

Arrow – So Thea is in the safe city?  Really?  Damion Dark would save her?  I honestly thought that Felicity would be the one who would possess the magic, not just make it work for Oliver.  So, can they make this weapon work to defeat him?  I’d been hearing rumors that someone else would die, and I wasn’t at all surprised about who it was.

Survivor – Here’s a piece of advice, Jason.  When no one will play the game with you, it means they all want you gone.  They are still playing, but they’ve heard your pleas and rejected them.  So sitting around being the poor sport might not get you very far.  Instead, making friends and making them want to keep you might be how to save your bacon.  Not sorry to see him gone, and not sorry to see Tai brought down a few pegs as well.  I still really want him gone.

Legends of Tomorrow – This show keeps surprising me.  So the Time Masters were working with Savage or at least accepting of what he was doing all along?  How…Why… I don’t even know where to begin when trying to process this.  Meanwhile, part of the group is captured, part is in hiding, and one is back in 2016, to keep him from dying of old age?  I love it!  And, naturally, I can’t wait to see how this is going to play out next week.

The Big Bang Theory – I’ve often felt like Leonard’s mother can be a one note character, so I was very pleasantly surprised in this episode when she turned things back around on Penny and showed that she does have some emotion after all.  That scene where she stopped Penny cold was wonderful!  Plus, as much as I think Stuart can be a one joke character, he was hilarious in this episode as well.  I’m wondering why they were going to an Avenger’s screening with Q&A in an episode that aired while my roommate was out seeing the new Captain America film.  Probably because those showings do have reserved seats these days, so there would be no point to standing in line.

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