Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ornament Review: 'Tis the Seasoning #3 - Popcorn and Soda - 2016 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great looking salt and pepper duo
Cons: No connection to Christmas; final in the series
The Bottom Line:
Series ends too soon
With no tie in to Christmas
Still a cute duo

‘Tis the Seasoning Ends too Soon on an Off Note

My efforts to resist Hallmark’s ‘Tis the Seasoning series melted last year.  If only I’d held out a little longer, I might have never started the series since 2016 marks the end after only three entries.  While I am disappointed by that, I am a bit puzzled about this year’s addition to the series.

Each entry features a salt and pepper shaker combination.  The earlier entries featured Christmas themed duos.  This one, however, features a box of popcorn and a cup of soda.  They are brightly colored, with the popcorn coming in a red and white striped “box” and the soda cup have a red and blue stripe on it.  Additionally, they have faces painted on them.  They look like something you would get in a movie theater.

A part of me really likes them.  They are fun and different.  I’ve got to admit that this series has gotten me interested in different types of salt and pepper shakers.  (Just what I need – something else to collect.  Must resist.  Must resist.)  From the pure salt and pepper shaker point of view, these ornaments are great.

However, I’m left puzzling over what they have to do with Christmas.  Yes, there are Christmas movies, but that’s not enough for me.  And they certainly don’t feel like they fit with the rest of the ornaments in the series or even the series name.  Of course, if you do have an all movie tree or section of your tree, these would fit right in.  If the series continued and they were other fun non-holiday duos in it, I would feel differently about this set as well.  But as it stands, they really stand out.

Just like salt and pepper shakers, you’ll find these have nice flat bottoms, so you can set them out to display year round.  The series marker is on the bottom of both of these ornaments.  And in one of those little touches I love, you’ll also find the nob used to add the salt and pepper to the shakers - you know, if these were real salt and pepper shakers.

Each piece has a loop for hanging the ornament.  Since the hooks are near the back of both ornaments, you’ll find that they both tip forward.  You’ll definitely want these near the top of your tree so you can enjoy them despite the tip.

I think these are fun salt and pepper shaker ornaments, however I don’t think they fit the ‘Tis the Seasoning theme, and since these are supposed to be Christmas ornaments, that’s too bad.  It’s even worse that the series is ending so soon. I was looking forward to seeing more creative salt and pepper duos.

Looking for more holiday themed duos?  Here are the earlier entries in the 'Tis the Seasoning series.

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