Saturday, September 17, 2016

September 17th's Weekly TV Thoughts

One final quiet week before the craziness of the fall TV season starts.  Although it won't truly get crazy until my Superhero shows start up in October.

Dancing with the Stars – A couple of big standouts, but most of the stars were in the middle of the pack.  Not a bad place to be for weak one, and I see plenty of potential.  Did one of them say they only had a week and a half?  That’s very impressive for a week and a half, in that case.  I do want to take a moment to talk about the incident.  First, ABC handled it perfectly by not showing us what was happening.  Secondly, this is what happens in our society when we feel we have the right to say or do whatever we want without consequences.  Sorry, but even booing Ryan Lochte wasn’t right.  The man made a mistake (although I think the incident is much more complex than NBC wanted to make it out to be).  Yes, it’s a recent mistake even.  But Carrie Ann is completely right – none of that should matter in the ballroom.  Sadly, I think Cheryl is going to have a hard road with him as her partner, and that isn’t fair to either one of them.

American Ninja Warrior – I gave them a pass this week, but I’m back to my mantra of “Why must they make things so hard?”  I don’t like to see person after person fail.  It’s no fun.  In fact, it gets a bit boring knowing that this person is most likely going in the water.  Still, it is amazing to watch the athletes compete and attempt to do the impossible.  My hat is off to them for the hard work they put in year after year for this one shot to do it.

Suits – I knew that Gina Torres had been cast on another show – a show that wasn’t picked up, but I wasn’t expecting her to leave.  The show just won’t be the same without her.  However, I loved how they sent her off.  It was a great all around show.  I’m curious to see how things go when the show comes back, of course, but this would have made an awesome series finale.

Girl Meets World – I wasn’t sure what to expect with a show about cultures, especially this show, but they got it right.  As Americans, we are a mix of all the people who have immigrated to our country.  A melting pot, if you will.  And the ending with Farkle was powerful.  Certainly didn’t see it coming.


  1. I love Dancing with the Stars but haven't watched it yet. I like to know who is getting eliminated before I start! That's too bad about the booing Ryan Lochte. I don't really care for him and think he's incredibly immature but that isn't an excuse to not be civil unless he actively does something on the show. I do feel sorry for Cheryl.

    1. I think Ryan is immature, but I think there was more to the incident than has been widely reported. But I don't trust the news media on anything, so who knows.

      First eliminations aren't until Tuesday night, so no one knows who will be the first to leave yet. I would guess Rick Perry, but we shall see.