Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

And the new TV season is officially off and running!

Remember how I wasn't going to start any new shows this fall?  Yeah, I fell for that line in the spring as well.  I tried three new shows this week, and I'm thinking two of them are going to stick.  One more is probably going to be cut, although I might give it one more week.  We'll see how I'm feeling next time it's on.

And here's what I watched.

Big Bang Theory – Normally, I’m not a fan of this show’s season premiers.  They just don’t feel as good to me as the rest of the season.  I loved this one, probably because at the end we got the wedding we should have had a year ago.  Penny’s family didn’t do much for me, but the continuation of the conflict from last season was pretty funny.

Dancing with the Stars – TV theme night came early.  And I’m once again reminded how few theme songs I really know.  I did have fun with the ones I recognized, of course, and now I really want someone to do “Darkwing Duck.”  I’m with the judges that the stars stayed pretty much the same week to week.  Most of them are good and have potential, but there are a couple of shining stars.  I really did expect Rick Perry to go home first.  Sorry to see Jake go, although he was near the bottom as well.  Probably would have happened soon if not this week.

Lethal Weapon – I really enjoyed this show.  No, it’s not the movie franchise, but I feel like we’ve got some character depth already, I liked the chemistry between the leads, and the comedy was fun, offsetting the darker aspects.  The mystery was just an excuse to introduce the characters, but I don’t have any real complaints.

Survivor – Who here called the Millennials not building a shelter even after Jeff’s warning?  Yep, that predictable.  I hope Dave calms down on Gen X, or I will be rooting for him to go since he’s getting on my nerves already.  Although I did like him at tribal.  I will definitely be interested to see how this season develops.

Designated Survivor – And I’m hooked on another new show.  This was a very compelling first episode that did a great job of introducing the characters and the story without tons of exposition.  The teenage son is the weak link, but hopefully they fix that soon.  I could see it spinning out of control, but I’m hoping they keep this up all season long.

MacGyver – That wasn’t nearly as good as I thought it would be.  The way they show exactly what he’s getting rather weakens things.  Plus the twists with the girl were rather poor.  I might give it another chance next week, but probably not.  It will depend on how I’m feeling next Friday.

Girl Meets World – Not one of their better episodes, but it had a few laughs like the last scene.  The message about not being able to control the world around you was good, although boy would I like to control the world around me like all the time.  Maybe I need this more than I realize.


  1. I had feared from the teaser on last Survivor finale that this Millennial vs Gen X would be dreadful (and it may still be), but found the opener very interesting - largely due to Mother Nature.

    Didn't try the new MacGyver.

    1. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. The Millennials certainly have age on their side, but the Gen X's could be ahead in the mental game.

  2. Oh I forgot about MacGyver. I meant to watch it but it sounds like I didn't miss anything. I liked The Big Bang Theory premiere as well though Penny's family was a little flat. It was too bad because the characters were great but it seemed like they had one joke and after the first 3 times it wasn't funny anumore. I'm looking forward to watching Designated Survivor and catching up on Dancing with the Stars!

    1. The question with the BBT was did Penny's family only have one joke or was that all the time the writers could devote to them since they had so much going on in the episode?

      MacGyver had huge ratings, at least for a Friday, last week. It will be interesting to see what it does this coming Friday.