Saturday, August 1, 2020

August 1st's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Titan Games – Another injury for the men.  I wonder what happened to him.  I hope he’s okay overall.  Meanwhile, the women’s finale was close.  I was definitely rooting for her.  I really liked her from the package at the beginning of the episode.

Stargirl – One thing I’ve noticed is they allow scenes to develop on the show.  It isn’t as rush as many shows are today.  I do enjoy that since it allows things to feel more real.  Speaking of which, Courtney’s dad is a jerk.  I love the actor, and he did a good job, but man is he a jerk.  A quieter episode overall, must have needed to save the budget.  But things are about to heat back up.

Tell Me a Story – I’d been curious about this show, so with it airing on the CW, I thought it was time to give it a shot.  It was…interesting.  I called the climax of the episode early on.  Having three stories makes me wonder how they will tie together, if they tie together in any way but the superficial way they already do.  I’ll give it another week, but I’m not sure I will stick with this one.

United We Fall – Much better than last week’s episode.  I was laughing so hard at some of the lines and moments.  Both stories really were fun.  Unfortunately, my cable went out at the end.  I got to see the contraption she built, but then it cut out.  I know it was mostly commercials, but I would have liked to see the final scene, including the tag.

Killer Camp – They got me.  I was shocked that Rob was the killer.  However, I wasn’t surprised to find out there was another one.  After all, the show would be over in three episodes otherwise, and that wouldn’t be good at all.

Cannonball – Again, some new contests.  I’m impressed with everything they keep coming up with.  I would have done horribly on the balance/surfboard competition.  I can’t balance to save my life, or in this case, win money.

Holey Moley – I’ve missed this show the last couple of weeks.  Nice to have it back.  I was rooting for the woman who does the obstacles courses.  In fact, I would bet we’ve both done the Camp Pendleton Mud Run together since she lives near the base.  I was sorry to see her go out when she did.

Don’t – A new game tonight.  Lots of trivia challenges in this episode, and they proved to not be very good at them, didn’t they?  Of course, I didn’t know the answer to most of those questions, so I can’t say too much.  And yes, I still laugh harder at the narrator than I do at anything else.  Especially what sounded like it was going to be a promo to come on the show but instead was telling you “Don’t apply.”

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