Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Candy Review: Pumpkin Spice M&M's

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Great colors and good flavor
Cons: Chocolate overwhelms the pumpkin spice
The Bottom Line:
A good idea
Not quite mixed to perfection
Average results

Hint of Pumpkin Spice with Your Chocolate

I seem to be a sucker for holiday flavors of classic candies.  As soon as I find out about a new one, I rush out to try it.  That’s why I headed to Target recently to get their exclusive Pumpkin Spice flavor M&Ms They’re good, but I probably won’t go out of my way to get them again.

The M&M’s in the bag are slightly larger than the classic M&M’s and come in only three colors.  Most of the bag is orange, but there are a few green and brown mixed in.  The result is a festive color that invokes images of pumpkins.  Pretty good since that’s the flavor.

And the basics of the candy are the same as always.  There’s a milk chocolate center with that color candy coating.

However, there is supposed to be a pumpkin spice flavor.  It is there, and I’d say it is more of a hint than and actual flavor; the chocolate tends to overwhelm it.  Frankly, I think pumpkin and chocolate could be a good mix.  I just think the pumpkin needs to be increased to make this one better.

Of course, being candy, these aren’t that good for you.  One seventh of the 10 oz bag I have is 210 calories, 80 of them from fat.  And what do you get as far as nutrion?  Don't make me laugh.

And it’s easy to see why when you see the ingredients.  Chocolate, milk, sugar, coloring, artificial flavors.  You know, all the things you should avoid if you are trying to eat healthy.

Still, I am glad I gave these candies a try.  While Pumpkin Spice M&Ms aren’t going to be on my must buy list every year, I did enjoy sampling them and I’d certainly eat them again.  I just wouldn’t go out of my way to do so.

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