Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for October 19th

I am watching way too much TV right now.  Here are some quick thoughts on the shows I didn't do full recaps for.

Amazing Race – I felt so sorry for those guys.  They did the right thing but got hit with tons of bad luck.  It seemed like every flight they were on was delayed due to mechanical difficulty.  And they tried to work around it only to hit more snags and more snags.  Definitely not how they deserved to go out.

Dancing with the Stars – Yes, my mouth dropped when they revealed who was leaving.  I was expecting Leah to be leaving all along.  She’s trying hard, I get that, but she’s not as strong a dancer as the others and despite her obvious anger, she is getting scores she deserves.

Survivor - For some reason, I was expecting the switch up of teams to happen this week, but I'm glad it didn't so the family members could at least win once.  But having people switch it up next week will be very interesting.  The family member thing has really changed the dynamics this season, and I like it.

Arrow - This is why I love this show.  When done right, the characters are so great, and you truly feel for them as they go through impossibly situations like this.  And that ending?  Must we really have cliffhangers like that so early back into the season?

The Big Bang Theory - I'm not sure I'd say anything in the episode was original.  They've had jokes like those many times before.  And yet it was still so funny.  The best scene, however, was Sheldon, the pictures, and the monkey.

The Crazy Ones - I don't know what it is about laugh tracks that make sitcoms funnier to me.  I'm so close to laughing at this show, but it never quite happens.  Still, it is amusing.

The Michael J. Fox Show - This one keeps growing on me every week.  Not laugh out loud funny, but I'm liking the characters and getting a few chuckles out of it.

White Collar - Was it just me, or was getting Peter out of prison a little too easy?  Oh, I know this criminal is going to blackmail Neal all season, but still, I was expecting at least an episode of getting him out of jail.  And the dynamic between the two is still off.  Hope that is resolved soon.

Covert Affairs - Looks like we've still got some building to do, and I was expecting more bang right out of the gate.  We certainly got bang at the end of the episode, however.

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