Wednesday, October 9, 2013

TV Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1-3 - The Asset

I realize at some point that all the characters will get episodes to shine.  At least I hope that’s the case.  But right now they seem to be focusing on Skye.  Not that this doesn’t make some sense.  She’s new to the team and SHIELD in general, so she’s our eyes into the group.  Last week was a bit of a team episode anyway.

The opening scene for this week is impressive as a big rig truck (driven by agent Mack) is picked up by an invisible force and then dropped down and a SHIELD scientist (professor type doctor) is kidnapped.

When we first join our agents on their plane, Skye is going through some training via Grant.  She hates it and doesn’t see the point.  You know that’s going to come back to bite her.  Then they detour to Colorado to the scene of the crime.

While investigating the scene, the scientists find a force field with weird properties.  We also learn the scientists had the kidnapped doctor as a professor in the academy.

They get a lead that takes them to an island where a billionaire and former partner of the doctor is holding him hostage to work on an element they discovered years ago.  Basically, it creates its own gravity.  It’s what was used to kidnap the doctor, but this billionaire is creating an even bigger version of it.

The problem is that it is a highly guarded compound.  They need someone on the inside to help them get in.  This is where Skye steps up.  While everyone else is talking about how to get that person inside, she uses her past and reputation to get an evite to the board of directors meeting/party he is throwing.  No one is thrilled, especially Grant, but what else can they do.  He gives her a crash course in disarming an opponent, and talks about having the courage to pull the trigger.

As the party gets underway, Skye is having the time of her life – until she is caught snooping by their host.  She quickly gains his trust, however, by telling him that SHIELD is listening and then killing her ear piece.  While he talks about how she would make a great asset to his team, she uses her compact (really a gadget) to disarm the perimeter momentarily – just long enough for Grant and Phil to get in.

However, the billionaire is now on to her and holds her at gun point.  She uses the moves she learned to get the gun, but when asked if she has the courage to use it, she admits no and jumps out the window into the pool below.  Grant shows up to save the day just in time.

Meanwhile, Phil has gone to find and rescue the doctor.  Only the doctor is overloading the machine to destroy it.  In a fun sequence, Phil tries to change his mind while their gravity keeps changing.  It finally gets to the point where the only thing that can stop it is to send something into the machine, and Phil breaks the glass to the room where the machine is, sending the doctor into it.  The machine isn’t destroyed, but it is turned off.

Back on the plane, Skye is now taking her training seriously, much to Grant's delight.  Meanwhile, Melinda, the pilot, goes to Phil and says that next time she will go into the field – partially because she wants to and partially to protect Phil.

And the final scene?  As the machine is getting placed in the deepest part of the SHIELD basement, the core is still spinning.  A hand tries to reach out, but is sucked back in.

Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of the machine or the doctor.

The quips and fun definitely continued.  I loved the exchange early on between Skye and Grant about doing pull ups. 

Skye: "I Never Want to Do Pull Ups Again."
Grant: "You Find Yourself Hanging from a 20 Story Building, You're Gonna Want to Do At Least One."

The action was good and the effects were incredible.  I don’t know what their budget is, but I suspect it is huge with what we’re seeing from week to week.

I suspect next week will be Melinda’s time to shine as we get to see her in the field by her choice.  I really want to learn more about her and her past.

My only complaint?  The truck at the beginning was supposed to be in Colorado.  Sure looked like Southern California to me.

What did you think of the episode?

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