Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for October 26th

Here are some brief thoughts (very brief this week) on the rest of the shows I watched this week.

The Amazing Race - They teased part of the cliffhanger a week ago?  Uncool.  But at least we are getting the two part cliffhanger out of the way early.

Dancing with the Stars - And they didn't eliminate anyone on this show this week, either.  I'm glad to see they took responsibility for the glitch and did what was fair, however.  I wonder when we'll have a double elimination in that case.

Survivor - I really would like to see more of the family members playing together, but that didn't happen with the switch up.  And the way things are going, it's not going to happen much even when we get to the merge (which I guess will be a couple of weeks).

Arrow - I am torn between finding out who Black Canary is (I've heard before I know) and just going with the story as it unfolds.  I'm really loving this season and how they are developing things.

The Big Bang Theory - That song at the end was both romantic and funny.  A great episode all the way around since Sheldon was just so funny and Penny at the end was so incredibly sweet.

Crazy for You - I did not care for this episode at all.

The Michael J. Fox Show - I still have trouble finding it super funny, but I do enjoy it.  It falls into the mildly amusing category, and I'm more than happy to keep watching it.

White Collar - I'm just not quite on board with the season still.  I hate it when Neal and Peter are this much at odds since I love their bromance.  Still, Mozzie delivering Diana's baby was great.

Covert Affairs - How are they going to bring down Henry?  That's the question that is completely puzzling me.

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