Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Well, my last two shows debuted this week.  (At least I think this is it for the year.  Can't think of anything else.)  And yet you'll notice I'm missing two regulars from the end.  That's because I've got family in town and didn't have time to watch any TV Friday night.  I'll catch up on those shows and include them in next week's post.

But for now here's my post for the week.  Please help spread the word by linking up to me from your own post if you include one on your blog.  Of course, comments are also very welcome.

Once Upon a Time – A better episode, probably because they worked the Frozen characters in with our characters more.  I might even get a glimpse of where they are going with everyone, but that’s still too early to tell.  It definitely felt like a character building episode, but so many of those scenes were so good.  And you need some of that to make the show better.  You can read my full recap (and learn how bad I am with birds) at this link.

Gotham – The case of the week was rather weak, but let’s face it, we are there for the soap opera with the main cast.  It’s certainly interesting and I am enjoying the ride, but it doesn’t seem to be quite as strong as everyone is making it out to be.

Dancing with the Stars – Not surprised at who went home; we are beginning to have the top dancers separated from the bottom dancers at this point.  I was surprised with how close America was in their judging to the actual judges.  I wonder why they did that?  I sure thought Len was supposed to be back this week.  Anyway, next time, I hope they figure out a way to let the rest of us score the dancing, although I don’t see how given that it is a live show on the East coast but not here.

Big Bang Theory – It’s interesting seeing Emily and Penny at odds with each other.  I wonder if they will play that out in future episodes and how it will be resolved.  I feel like the comic book store plot was a bit of a letdown.  I really thought they wind up buying the store at the end and it would be a set up for future story lines.

Castle – Like Once, this was a step forward, but the show still isn’t quite back on track.  Then again, the characters know it, too, so I’m sure it is on purpose.  It was nice to see a few clues about Castle’s missing two months, although I’m sure we won’t get much more on that for a while yet.  You can read more at my full recap here.

The Flash – This is the new show I’ve been most looking forward to this season, and it delivered.  Definitely lighter in tone than Arrow, but I do enjoy light.  Loved the brief appearance of Oliver Queen, but I think my favorite scene was the scene with his dad near the end.  Pilots can be hit or miss with the back story they need to cover, but this one really delivered.

Agents of SHIELD – After the teaser last week, I suspected that Simmons was really undercover.  How long will they keep that up?  The most interesting scene was Fitz with Ward, however.  There is certainly more to explore with both of them.

Survivor – Natalie, I was actually liking you on this show.  What as the point of trying to provoke the ball player?  I get he said some despicable stuff.  But seriously, why did you do that?  You didn’t look any better than he did.  And you got your way to boot since he is now gone.  I do hope his team starts winning.  This is too one sided at the moment.  At least they won a reward.

Arrow – I spent all of last season expecting what happened at the end of the episode.  I’ve read enough about the Green Arrow comics to know what is coming for one character, so it makes sense, but it was so hard to watch.  And I’m sure next week will be even worse.  Speaking of knowing the comics, I am wondering where they are going with Oliver and Felicity.  I mean, I know it’s not comic lore, but I really do love their characters and them together would work well….  Not sure where I stand on a relationship for Oliver any more.

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