Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Look at this!  I'm caught up on TV!!  I helps to have no life on a Friday for a change.  So here's what I watched this week, including thoughts that get me caught up from last week.

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The Amazing Race (10/17) – Augh!  I have really come to dislike the Dentists, mainly because the guy is so arrogant (and I don’t think it is the way he is edited either), so I was sorry that they could save their save since this was a non-elimination round.  Here’s hoping this has knocked them down a peg or two.  And how stupid is the mother of the mother/daughter team?  To prove a point, you are willing to lose the race?  And how did not pointing out the pit stop make you any better than how you are claiming your daughter behaved?  In fact, I felt like you proved her point.  (Not that I had strong feelings about it or anything.)

Girl Meets World (10/17) – I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw that bullying was going to be the subject of the episode.  In the end, I loved it.  Funny and very heartwarming with a minimum of lecturing.  And did I mention funny?  They pretty much got it perfect.

Once Upon a Time – Easily my favorite episode of the season so far, and that was because it was focused mostly on our characters.  Plus the scenes between Hook and Gold were great.  So much to explore there now, and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.  You can read my full recap here.

Dancing with the Stars – I always hate it when a couple goes after a strong week.  Didn’t used to happen as much when they had the results the next night – I’m just saying.  Anyway, the weaker dancers are getting picked off one by one.  It is that time of the season.

Gotham – I read tonight that the November 11th episode is going to be worth watching, so I will give the show that long.  I did enjoy this one more because it showed us a bit more of Bruce Wayne.  But I think that is about all that is drawing me to the show at the moment.

Big Bang Theory – So many great lines and funny moments in this episode.  I loved Sheldon and Raj in the tunnel.  Bernadette and Howard fighting over money was a bit predictable, but still funny.  And I’m with Leonard about the money, although why they didn’t just open the joint savings account I will never know.

Castle – Not quite as good as last week, but still pretty funny.  I appreciated them breaking their formula a bit at the end.  Castle’s scenes in the school were wonderful if a tad predictable.  Still, well worth watching.  You can read my full recap here.

The Flash – The series is so much fun, but when they decide to get serious and go for the heart strings, I’m right there with them.  Amazing moments near the end and with the one doctor thinking about her fiancée.  This show is amazing, and I’m so glad it’s been picked up for the rest of the season so I can keep enjoying it.

Agents of SHIELD – A bit surprised that Simmons is back so soon, although I can’t wait to see how she really interacts with Fitz.  Skye being completely in the know is going to be interesting.  But what is her dad up to?  I think he sees Coulson has usurping him so he’s after revenge, but we’ll find out soon, I’m sure.

Melissa & Joey – I am a Sabrina the Teenage Witch fan from way back, so I loved this episode.  Having Aunt Zelda and Salem in it and hearing so many of the old phrases was just so much fun.  I was expecting them to go the entire “It was all a dream” route, but the ending they went with works as well.  Very nicely done.

Baby Daddy – That was hilarious.  I’m okay with there being nothing on the cliffhanger because it was great.  I knew what was really going on the entire time, but that didn’t make the reveal any less funny.  Would have been nice to let her win, but I still loved it.

Survivor – At least we are seeing some loved ones getting to play together this time.  I don’t think it worked out quite like how they wanted last time.  The mixture of the two tribes makes that super interesting.  And yet, with an easy vote, they went with breaking up a family set at tribal.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out.  Meanwhile, I hope Jeff makes the other tribe pay for the rice.  No wonder they were winning.  But how stupid are they?

Arrow – Several great lines tonight (and I erased the episode before I could record them.  Rats!)  It will be interesting to have Thea back, especially since she still doesn’t know about the Arrow.  I wonder what they plan to do with her this season.  Laurel is progressing down her path quickly, but I’m liking her story much better this season.

The Amazing Race (10/24) – As much as I generally don’t like the mother/daughter team, I was happy to see them working together this week.  And I rewatched the scene where they got into the fight, and they were right.  In fact, they were there first period and the guy cut in front of them.  I’m actually okay with the U-Turn as payback in this case.  But Bethany was wonderful in the roadblock, and I knew she’d be great holding the tea tray.  He’s been practicing for that detour for years.  I loved how they practiced before doing it for real.


  1. I was sad about Dancing with the Stars too. I love Jonathan but I don't think his partner has quite figured out how to choreograph for the show. I'm loving The Big Bang Theory this season! The Howard/Bernadette money argument was hilarious!

    1. Yeah, the seasoned pros have an obvious advantage, but it is still nice to see new faces as well. They rarely seem to stick around long, unfortunately.

      That argument was pretty funny. It's been brought up a time or two before, but this is the first time it's been more than a one line joke. They are in season 8, and still this funny. I just love this show.