Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Here are my weekly TV thoughts for the week.

America Ninja Warrior – That obstacle right after the salmon ladder was a killer!  Only two people made it past it.  And one of them was Jesse, too.  She has definitely earned her spot in the finals.  A rookie was the other one.  I’m not sure what that says about the obstacles or the mindset.  Or does it say anything about that at all?

Angie Tribecca – So, I’m still not quite sure how I feel about that romance novelist.  There were some good jokes, but on the whole most of her stuff fell flat.  On the other hand, there was plenty of funny stuff, starting with the hair transplant.  Of course, now that one triangle has broken up, we’ve got another triangle starting.

Dead of Summer – I really, really, really don’t like the flashbacks.  Truly.  They aren’t adding anything to the show at all.  Definitely less creepy this week as well, outside of a few specific moments.  And was it just me, or was it cheesier this week as well?  Or was that just because my roommate was watching part of it with me?

Scream – How many lives does Branson have?  I thought he was dead by now, but he’s still alive.  Will the fire get him, or will he pop up alive again next week?  How did the teacher bleed that much that quickly?  And how long until Audrey’s secret gets full out so everyone knows?

Suits – Even I fell for it.  Poor Mike played on his first day.  He might not be in a prison with nasty people, but he obviously still needs to watch his back.  Meanwhile, things at the firm are very interesting.  They’ve got a lot of money in the bank from buy-ins, obviously, but why do I have a feeling that decision will come back to bite them?  This season is going to be good, I can tell.

Spartan – Yes, I was rooting for the Ninjas, especially after the one woman rolled her ankle.  And yes, I think I will be rooting for them in the two hour finale.  They were so impressive, and their teamwork when she got hurt was remarkable.  No hesitation, they just started working together.

Girl Meets World – I’m not surprised by how the episode ended, but somehow I wasn’t expecting it.  Nice to see Mya realizing what she has.  You don’t have to be as nice and perfect as some of the other characters, but you still can let the book of friends rub off on you.  And it’s nice to be reminded that friends can rub on you for good since we normally hear about them rubbing off on you for bad.


  1. I'm so excited about the Spartan Campionship program - who to root for? What a dilemma. Of course I'll be cheering for both Ninja teams. Also for a couple of other teams - well, that's four out of six. At least there's a good chance I'll be happy with the winners.

    ANW: thrilled that Jesse completed the course!

    1. Would you believe my recording of the championship got cut off because it started late? I had to read about who won on line.