Friday, July 15, 2016

Ornament Review: Lumiere - 2016 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Perfectly captures Lumiere at the beginning of “Be Our Guest”
Cons: Doesn’t include the song
The Bottom Line:
Iconic moment
Perfectly captured in this
Perfect ornament

Be Our Guest for This Limited Ornament

One of my favorite Disney movies of all time is still Beauty and the Beast, so naturally I was interested in the ornaments Hallmark was offering to celebrate the movie’s 25th anniversary.  In addition to one in the main line, they released this limited edition ornament of Lumiere.  It’s a winner.

Lumiere, of course, is the candlestick, and they’ve captured him in a pose as he starts singing “Be Our Guest.”  The color pallet is pretty much white (the candle wax) and gold (the rest of him, including snuffer he is using as a top hat).  The exception is the yellow for the flames on his hands and the red on the end of the brown match stick he is holding.

He’s also slightly bigger than the normal Hallmark ornament, but because he’s thinner, I don’t mind as much.  In fact, I love him just the way he is.  That song is so iconic from the movie, and this pose just captures that scene perfectly.  You can’t help but get the song stuck in your head as you look at him.  Or even think about him.  Trust me on this.

In fact, that’s the only way this ornament could have been better – if it had a song clip.  I’m not sure where they would have put the electronics for that, however, since I’m not sure the base of his candle stick is big enough to hold them and the batteries they would have needed.  Still, it’s a very minor complaint.  Trust me.  And if I am write they would have had to redesign the ornament to fit in the electronics, I might actually be thankful they left them out.

Lumiere’s base is actually not flush with the ground - he’s in mid stride, as it were - and yet, he’s still sturdy enough that you can leave him out year round to enjoy.  It’s a wonderful feat of craftsmanship.  And in other feat of craftsmanship, this is one of those ornaments that looks straight sitting or hanging despite the fact that he tips forward a little when you go to hang him.  Very little.  Trust me, if you aren’t watching for it, you’d never know it happened.  I think it works here because he is in action so he has no real straight lines to show us what perfectly straight should be.

I’m not the only one who likes this ornament.  The store I always shop in sold out within minutes of opening, and it sounds like that was the case in many stores across the country.  I’m thrilled I was able to get him, and if you want him, I suggest you track down a copy quickly because the price will probably only go up.  I hope Hallmark takes this as a sign and does more of the characters from the film in the future.

I’m trying to figure out where I can put Lumiere to enjoy him between now and Christmas.  Any Disney fan will be thrilled to add him to their collection.

Original Price: $15.95