Saturday, July 30, 2016

July 30's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, I am home from my trip.  Yes, I have a lot of TV to catch up on as a result.  I've done pretty well in the last 24 hours, watching about a week's worth.  And yes, I kept from watching the next episode of several shows, with one exception.  Now I'm dying to see the next episodes of shows, and I will get more this coming week, too.  Maybe there is something to this binge watching thing after all.

American Ninja Warrior (7/18) – I feel so sorry for those brothers.  Almost both going to Vegas, but missed it by that much.  Yikes!  Brutal course.  I’m wondering if anyone will be able to finish in another season or two.

Angie Tribeca (7/18) – So I guess I need to pay more attention to the conspiracy story we have going on.  Still not sure how that will all play out along with the romantic triangle, but lots of fun moments in the episode for sure.

Dead of Summer (7/19) – I’m glad we have Drew’s story out of the way.  I predicted exactly how it would unfold as soon as we met him.  Truly, these flashbacks are doing nothing but dragging out the current story.  Yeah, I’m sticking with it for now, but it’s going to have to really start getting good soon if I’m going back for season two (if the show gets renewed).

Scream (7/19) – So Branson really is dead.  What a horrible way to go, especially after everything he’d been through.  I certainly agree with Brooke’s speech at the carnival, although I can also understand the carnival going on.  I wonder if the police officer survived or not.  I thought he was alive when Emma found him, but that wasn’t completely obvious.  And Emma is mad!  Not that I am surprised, but I do wonder how they will deal with that.

Suits (7/20) – So does Mike have a true ally in prison now or not.  His roommate seems like a nice guy, but that could still turn.  I truly feel for Harvey, and I hope he gets his painting back somehow.  Not that I expect him to, but I can hope.

Spartan (7/21) – Because the Republican convention ran long, I had to read about the ending.  My DVR only recorded the original start and end time.  I was hoping for one of the Ninja Teams.  Or the Muddy Minglers.  But the Comeback Kids were a wonderful team as well, and I am thrilled that they won.

Girl Meets World (7/22 and 7/29) – Yes, I watched them both.  So many cool nods to the first ski lodge trip there, I loved that!  And I liked how they worked out the triangle.  About time, too.  Plus I figured this is how they were going to go with it, well at least Lucas ending up with Riley.  I’m not sure I buy what they are selling about why Maya was doing what she was doing, but that’s okay, it was still a fun couple of episodes.

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  1. So sorry you missed the final Spartan. It was a great episode. The Muddy Minglers was one of the teams I was also rooting for - not only because they were the oldest in age, but I also like their captain Hunter McIntyre. What a shame they were sidelined by an injury in the championship round.