Saturday, July 2, 2016

July 2nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

I was out of town for work most of the week.  I caught some of my shows in my hotel room, but I had to catch up on some others when I got home.  But I'm up to date now, so let's get to it!

America Ninja Warrior – Actually, I remember once when they had someone finish almost right out of the gate, and their first finisher usually comes around the 25 minute mark.  Not that the editing on that show is predictable or anything.  Still, it was an impressive run, and there were lots of impressive runs over the course of the night.  I was glad to see the usual suspects make it through after the results last week.  And honestly, it seems like being short is a huge handicap in this sport.  Between that and my fear of heights, there are two good reasons for me to not sign up.

Angie Tribecca – So that’s why they ended the last episode the way they did.  We’ve got an ongoing story here about the Mayor’s reelection.  As always, lots of great puns and jokes as we work through a great mystery.  I absolutely loved her “busy work” file and dragging the desk around everywhere.  And I loved seeing Mary McCormmick again.

Dead of Summer – So, we have a haunted summer camp.  I can’t say I’m completely impressed yet.  Part of that is just too many characters to keep them all straight and too many secrets.  But you know me, I’ll give it another couple episodes before I decide for sure.  I so was hoping to love it, and I just didn’t feel that in the pilot.

Scream – Tempers and suspicions were high.  So much tension!  I love it!!  Audrey is slipping, too, and Noah now knows her secret.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Royal Pains – Wow the ladies can sing.  The men?  They did okay (like I could do any better), but I was so impressed with the ladies.  I never watched Scrubs, but I think they used the same trick, so I was expecting it.  I’m sorry they are going to do the tried and true everyone goes their separate ways to end the show.  That’s my least favorite way to go since I like the idea of everyone living happily ever after together when a show ends.  On the other hand, so glad that Paige is pregnant.  So, so glad.

Spartan – I was rooting for the Ninja team, so I was glad they pulled it off in the end.  The married couple team wasn’t going to win since we’d hardly seen anything about them.  I do wish the editing would be a little less obvious on this show.  Still, it’s fun to watch the teams take on that crazy obstacles.  And it makes me glad I’m not taking them on.


  1. I was also thrilled that the Ninja Team squeaked through on time and then won. They still need more practice on that slip wall to figure out how the anchor can keep his feet from slipping.

    1. They did seem to struggle more with the slip wall than some of the other teams, but everyone has been struggling there for sure.

  2. Just heard that Angie Tribecca has been renewed for a third season.

    1. I hadn't heard that news yet. So excited!!! Thanks for letting me know.