Saturday, December 3, 2016

December 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

This was it, the big DC Crossover week I've been looking forward to all season.  Really, the crossover just stuck to two of the four shows, but I enjoyed all four of them very much.

But I'll have more to say further down.  For now, here's everything I watched this week, including the shows from Thanksgiving I hadn't watched last week.

Survivor (11/23) – I feel so sorry for Jessica.  Ironic that she leaves right after Chris, but I hate to see people leave like that.  I would have much preferred that the people who organized everything were the ones caught in the crossfire.  At least those with immunity were in on the rock draw this time around.  And Dave must be kicking himself for giving his idol to the wrong person.

The Great Indoors (11/24) – Mom coming to work.  Funny.  But there was so truth in that episode.  I’m still waiting for the characters to become more characters and less caricatures, and that includes Jack.  Hopefully that happens soon.

Once Upon a Time – The twists are still strong after how many seasons?  And I buy each of them.  The character moments?  This show is still at the top of its game.  Loving it!  Although did they just write out Blue for who knows how long?  Guess it must be time for her to go back to her other show.  Definitely not happy about that.

The Librarians – I knew they’d have to get Flynn off somewhere since he was just a guest star.  How nice to see someone else from the movies pop up, although I don’t remember how they killed off Bob Newhart’s character (or even that they had).  Definitely looking forward to seeing what other chaos will happen this season.

Supergirl – As I’d heard, this didn’t have much to do with the crossover until the end.  So, does this mean that Lena is really good?  Or will she turn bad late in the season.  Because as of now, she’s definitely looking good, but I just don’t trust her.  It’s the Luther name.

The Flash – Now the crossover event is cooking.  I feel very sorry for those who don’t watch all of the shows set on this Earth (Arrow and Legends) since they are playing with so much stuff happening on all three shows right now.  I think this may be the biggest team up yet from all the shows, too.  I don’t know why I’m so surprised they’ve taken the time for some of the quieter character moments, but I’m absolutely loving all of that, too.  In addition to the action, of course.

College Team Ninja Warrior – I must admit I was rooting for MIT to prove the stereotypes wrong, and boy did they.  What an amazing and impressive performance.  It will be interesting to see if they take it all.  Right now, they have to be the favorites to do that.

Arrow – And this is why I find myself drawn to Arrow the least of these four shows.  Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy it, but the characters just aren’t as rich.  Still, there were a couple of character moments that were amazing.  And the unannounced cameos (and reference to Tommy’s new show) were wonderful.  I’m hearing the next episode sort of acts like a 100th episode as well.  I’ll be interested in how that plays out.

Survivor – You start taking a leading role, you put a target on your back.  Although I do not understand Ken.  How stupid can you be?  And I think that was the most I chocked at the loved one visit ever.  Wow.

Lethal Weapon – At first, I thought Riggs would wind up losing his money in another attempt at the wheel at the end of the episode, but after meeting the witness and her son, I called that ending.  Not that I didn’t like it, but I called it.  I was actually surprised that Murtaugh wound up being as good on a motorcycle as he was.  They were setting it up for him to fail.  However, that scene at the end with his son was pretty funny.

Designated Survivor – Finally, I actually liked what they had going on with Kirkman’s son this week.  It was a good end to that storyline, and I appreciated how the press secretary wised up.  That wouldn’t have been the only time if they kept their relationship going.  And the conspiracy?  It just keeps getting better and better.  This show is definitely living up to my hopes.

Legends of Tomorrow – With everything going on with Flashpoint, Stein is going to keep his daughter and how she came to be secret?  Like that’s going to end well.  This was another strong portion of the crossover.  They even managed to get in time travel, which is a major part of the show.  I wasn’t expecting that.  They’ve set it up so Kara can go back and forth between worlds easier, so I’m happy to see that.  I want more of these crossovers.  But Ray Palmer’s line about Kara looking like his cousin stole the entire four day event.  Wonderful!

The Big Bang Theory – Stuart and Raj fighting over helping was so funny.  And was it me, or has Bernadette gotten very pregnant in a hurry.  I didn’t figure she’d give birth until February, but it looks like it will be the next episode, whenever that may be.  No baby shower?  Sheldon and Leonard’s divorce was pretty good as well.  I can see how it would be hard to figure out stuff like that, but with Sheldon being one of the members splitting things up, it would pretty much go that way.  Loved Leonard’s take on the flag.

The Great Indoors – That no activity challenge was pretty funny!  If they can do more things like that and give the millennials more personality, this show will take off.  Yes, still on the fence about it, but they seem to be finding themselves a bit more with every episode.

Girl Meets World – They worked in both “Gift of the Magi” and A Christmas Carol in ways that worked for their crazy world and show.  I like that.  Fairly predictable where they were going with things, but it was a good Christmas show.  Although I’ve got to say that writing around Shawn’s absence is painfully obvious.  I wish Rider would agree to do a few more episodes to cover things like this.


  1. Survivor: When it comes to loved ones visit, I'll always remember "Johnny Fairplay" and his "dying grandmother." He ruined it all though when he returned on one of the past players seasons.

  2. Really enjoyed your takes on all our Superheroes & hope that they keep adding more shows to this lineup. Can't wait to catch up with Lethal Weapon after reading your comments.