Saturday, November 10, 2018

November 10th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Another busy week in real life, so it was nice that none of my Tuesday shows were on this week.  It also means this list is shorter than normal this week.

Supergirl – Shows how much I am tracking this season; I thought Fiona was already dead.  Not surprised they got the atmosphere cleaned up.  I wonder how Superman was dealing with it.  President Baker is clamping down on the DEO because they are succeeding in fighting the humans out to destroy the aliens.  Yep, he’s evil.

God Friended Me – I feel like the happy ending this week was the least realistic one we’ve had yet.  Oh, I know the show is contrived, but this felt more so.  Not that I didn’t enjoy it completely, mind you.  I’m very curious what is up with his uncle, but it looks like that will be covered next week.  I’m happy they aren’t dragging that out too long.

Dancing with the Stars – I was okay with John going this week.  He’s about reached the end of his dancing ability.  But how is Joe still in it?  He’s having fun and he’s fun to watch, so that must be part of it because the others are definitely the better dancers.

Arrow – So what exactly happened between the present and the future.  And please tell me we can fix it because otherwise, knowing what happens to Star City, this is really going to be bad.  I think Oliver is faking his breakdown; at least I hope he is.  And I’m really enjoy Laurel this season.  She is the only real bright spot in the show.

Legends of Tomorrow – So what happened to the tiger?  Other than that, so much fun again.  And it’s nice to know how they are working Amarya, or at least her actress, back on the show.  I think that is going to be a very fun storyline as things go along this season.

Survivor – Wow!  All that drama at tribal and then everyone, Davids included, vote for the same person.  Not only did her plan not work to save her, but it doesn’t seem to have done much with her teammates.  All the alliances and backstabbing, or plans to backstab, already.  This season just jumped into high gear.

Big Bang Theory – I didn’t enjoy most of Raj’s storyline, but I did find the final scene kind of sweet.  However, the sub-plot of Sheldon trying to bond with his in-laws was so fun.  From Teller being so impressed by magic to all the stuff with Amy’s mom.  It made the episode for me.

The Good Place – I have missed the neighborhood.  It was so nice to be back there and see Michael trying to torture them again.  So many funny lines and moments, plus a great discussion of free will to boot.  Those final moments make me very anxious to find out what happens next, too.

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